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Type-Moon Reveals New Fate/Requiem Book for Comiket 95

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
New Fate story set in world "after the Holy Grail War"

Game and story development circle Type-Moon announced on Monday that it will release a new book titled Fate/Requiem at this year's winter Comic Market (Comiket 95). Type-Moon describes the book as the "first volume," with a story set "after the Holy Grail War." Type-Moon's Meteo Hoshizora (World Conquest Zvezda Plot) is writing the scenario, and NOCO (Atelier game series' Mysterious sub-series) is drawing the illustrations.

The book's official website describes the story:

"I am a reaper, whose job it is to kill Servants."

In the distant past, there was a great war. When it ended, the world was at peace. In the new world, everyone possesses a "Holy Grail" that they can use to summon their personal Servant to enact their wishes. Only one girl, Erice Utsumi, does not possess that power. She meets a boy, the last Servant in the world to ever be summoned. But she does not yet know her destiny.

Hoshizora also provided an image of the main characters.

Boy (left in image above): A mythical boy who appears before Erice.
Erice Utsumi (right in image above): A 14-year-old girl who lives in the seaside town of Akihabara.

Type-Moon's Fate franchise began with its Fate/stay night adult visual novel in 2004. The franchise has then inspired multiple anime, manga, and game adaptations, as well as numerous spinoffs. The original Fate/stay night story centered on a secret "Holy Grail War," waged by pairs of mages and their summoned Servants for ultimate control of the Grail that would grant them their wish. Many of the franchise's alternate world spinoffs centers on a similar concept. Some of the recent entries in the franchise include Fate/Grand Order, an ongoing smartphone game; and Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel, a planned trilogy of anime films by ufotable that adapts one of the routes of the original game.

Sources: Fate/Requiem website, Type-Moon Twitter account, Meteo Hoshizora's Twitter account, Anime! Anime! (Chappurin)

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