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Viz Licenses New Bleach, Naruto, One Piece Novels (Update)

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda
Also announce print versions for act-age, RWBY, Samurai 8, SPY x FAMILY

Viz Media announced during its Shonen Jump panel at New York Comic Con on Friday that it will release Ryohgo Narita's Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World novel in July 2020, Mirei Miyamoto's Naruto: Naruto's Story - Family Day novel in June 2020, and Shō Hinata's One Piece: Ace's Story novel in May 2020.

Viz Media also announced that it will begin releasing the act-age and RWBY: The Official Manga in July 2020, SPY x FAMILY manga in print in June 2020, and the Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru manga in March 2020.

Viz Media describes Narita's Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World novels:

The bestselling paranormal action adventure manga series BLEACH continues in novel form as an all-new threat arises! The Quincies' Thousand Year Blood War is over, but the embers of turmoil still smolder in the Soul Society. Tokinada Tsunayashiro, elevated to head of his clan after a slew of assassinations take out every other claimant to the title, has a grand plan to create a new Soul King. His dark ambitions soon sow the seeds of a new total war across the realms, but all is not lost. There is one unlikely Soul Reaper who holds the key to defusing the conflict—Shuhei Hisagi, Assistant Captain of the Ninth Company and reporter for the Seireitei Bulletin!

Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World launched on both the Shonen Jump+ app and the official Bleach app in April 2017. The series ended with the third volume. The first volume of the novel shipped in August 2016, the second volume shipped last November, and the third volume shipped last December.

Viz Media describes Mirei Miyamoto's Naruto: Naruto's Story - Family Day (Naruto Shinden: Oyako no Hi) novel:

The ninja adventures continue in these stories featuring the characters of NARUTO and BORUTO! In this first of three new stand-alone tales set in the BORUTO timeline, the village of Konohagakure has established a new holiday, Family Day. In an attempt to celebrate, Naruto and his daughter Himawari race around looking for a must-have item that just keeps eluding them. Hinata wants to make the day memorable for her father Hiashi, her younger sister Hanabi and her son Boruto. Even Sasuke makes time to do something special with his daughter Sarada and his wife Sakura! When all is said and done, will the new holiday be considered a success?

The novel is the first novel in the three-part Naruto Shinden novel series. The other two novels are titled Sasuke Shinden, and Shikamaru Shiden. All three books take place in a time when the title characters are parents. Naruto Shinden shipped in Japan in May 2018, Sasuke Shinden shipped in Japan in June 2018, and Shikamaru Shinden shipped in Japan in July 2018.

Mirei Miyamoto (Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan film novelization) wrote Naruto Shinden, Jun Esaka wrote Sasuke Shinden, and Takashi Yano (Itachi Shinden) wrote Shikamaru Shinden. Original manga creator Masashi Kishimoto drew the illustrations for the novels.

The novels were adapted into an anime within the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime in February.

Viz Media describes Shō Hinata's One Piece: Ace's Story (One Piece Novel "A") novels:

Get the backstory on Luffy's brother Ace in this first of two prose stories that continue the high seas adventure ONE PIECE! This volume contains the origin story of Luffy's adopted brother Ace, and tells of his thrilling quest for the legendary One Piece treasure.

Hinata launched the novels with a serialization in One Piece Magazine in September 2017. Shueisha published the story's two compiled book volumes in April and June 2018.

Update: Release months added.

Sources: Email correspondence, Viz Media's Shonen Jump and industry NYCC panels (Cindy Sibilsky, Kalai Chik)

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