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Comikey Adds 4 More Manga From Coamix

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins

Comikey announced on Wednesday that it has licensed four new manga from Coamix. All four manga are available now on the service.


Title: Keiji's Kabuki Adventure (Maeda Keiji Kabuki Tabi, pictured bottom right in image above)
Author(s): Masato Deguchi (art), Tetsuo Hara (story), Nobuhiko Horie (story)
Summary: A year has passed since the legendary Battle of Sekigahara. Now, under the Tokugawa Shogunate, all is peace in the Land of the Rising Sun. But the dashingly arrogant Maeda Keiji is finding this new world without war to be, well, pretty dull.

Title: Mother Parasite (bottom left)
Author(s): Hirohisa Satō
Summary: On the surface, Ryota Miki, a middle schooler, seems to get along with his adoptive mother. But behind the scenes, she's terrified of her son's every move, and for good reason—he's secretly keeping track of her every mistake. Meanwhile, his classmate Kaoru Kasai is fed up with his helicopter mom, believing that she's the reason for his bullying. One day, Ryota saves Kaoru, and a troublesome friendship is born. Read this psycho-suspense about a boy obsessed with finding the perfect mother!

Title: Shigahime (top left)
Author(s): Hirohisa Satō
Summary: Osamu Hirota is an ordinary high school student. That is, until Soichi, a student from the next town over, takes him to a mysterious mansion with promises of meeting a seductress. Out walks a voluptuous woman named Miwako, who, as she undresses, reaches inside of Soichi and rips out his heart! The next day, Hirota awakens. Was it all a dream? Or have we just started to pull back the curtains on this dark and suspenseful story?

Title: Tokyo Duel (Tokyo Kettō Kanjōsen, top right)
Author(s): Toshiaki Yamada
Summary: In post-war Japan, a government-funded program of organized violence called the "Tokyo Loop Line Duels" is promoted to maintain law and order—and it works. Representatives from each station on the Yamanote line battle for control of their territory. Any defeat could mean losing family members, friends, money—or worse. Fast-forward to now, in 2020; a new station has opened up. Everyone, including the popular rookie, Koinosuke, is itching to join the fray for the top spot. Will he be victorious? Or will violence consume them all?

Source: Press release

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