DNAngel, The Candidate for Goddess, Girl Got Game, One and Mink added to 2004 Lineup

WizardWorld Chicago (August 8, 2003) - Just when you think it couldn't get any better, TOKYOPOP Inc. is at it again. The manga publishing giant has rounded up an assortment of fantastic titles, and is proud to unveil another five new series slated to release in 2004: DNAngel, The Candidate for Goddess, Girl Got Game, One and Mink. With stories that incorporate fantasy, adventure, science fiction, comedy and romance, these new manga offer the ultimate escape from reality and are certain to satisfy any hungry reader's appetite.

DNAngel (Fantasy/Adventure)
From Yukiru Sugisaki (Brain Powered, The Candidate for Goddess) comes this imaginative tale about a teenage boy whose family curse is wreaking havoc on his love life. Daisuke has the misfortunate affliction of transforming into his alter ego -- the phantom thief Dark Mousy -- whenever he sees his crush, Risa. As if that isn't bad enough, Dark Mousy has a crush of his own ... Risa's twin sister, Riku, and you can only imagine what happens when the thief sees her. DNAngel is a topsy-turvy tangle of love's trials and errors that unravels in nine fun volumes.

The Candidate For Goddess (Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi)
Yukiru Sugisaki (DNAngel, Brain Powered) delivers yet another fascinating manga with this story about a ravaged world where mecha and destiny collide. The year is 4088, and a catastrophic event has left mankind with only one habitable planet called Zion. However, Zion is constantly being invaded by alien life forms, and mankind has been forced into space colonies. Its only defense: powerful mecha known as Ingrids or Goddesses. Welcome to Goddess Operation Academy (G.O.A.), where young men and women are trained to be Ingrid pilots and technicians.

Girl Got Game (Comedy/Romance)
In this hilarious manga, creator Shizuru Seino (Suki Suki Daisuki) takes gender-bending to a whole new dimension: the basketball court. When Kyo Aizawa's father enrolls her in the prestigious Seisyu Academy, she has the ordinary dreams of any schoolgirl -- boys, homework, boys and boys! -- but Dad has something else in mind. He plans to use her to live out his own dream of becoming an NBA basketball star. In order to get by on this campus, she'll have to lop off her hair, pretend she's a boy and, most important, prove herself on the court.

One (Romance)
This touching shojo series -- created by Lee Bin -- follows the story of Eumpa Won ('One'), an awkward, quiet music student and former child prodigy who is now determined to lead his life as a normal guy. Destiny throws him a curve as he finds himself caught up in an unlikely love triangle. Enter Jenny, the highly acclaimed singer, and Young-ju, the ordinary plain Jane. These three seemingly opposite personalities are drawn together by two common bonds ... their passion for music and their search for true self-identity.

Mink (Fantasy)
Sailor Moon fans are sure to delight in this manga series from famed creator Megumi Tachikawa (Saint Tail, Hot Typhoon). Told with Tachikawa's familiar magical touch is the story of a teenage girl-Mink -- who rushes to buy the latest CD by her favorite pop star, Illiya. What she gets instead is a bootleg disc from the future that literally allows her to become whomever she wants. Persuaded by her friends, Mink ends up installing a Cyber Idol program that literally transforms her into the next 'It Girl.' Though all of her dreams are coming true, she risks being 'deleted' if she reveals her true identity.

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