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Anime Favorites Are Back When Acclaimed Lain and Trigun Return To DVD
On May 11

The excitement continues when the fourth wave of the hugely popular
Geneon Signature Series arrives on May 11, 2004. With critically applauded
Serial Experiments lain* and the stunning action of Trigun leading the pack,
this series continues Geneon Entertainment¹s tradition of excellence and
innovation in putting forth such widely popular and award-winning

Experience again - or for the first time - television favorites such as
Tenchi Universe Volume Three, Gate Keepers Volume Three and Sailor Moon
Super S Volume Seven/Eight with full, uncut episodes as aired on the
Cartoon Network. These television cult classics and popular favorites are
newly re-packaged featuring the Geneon Signature Series name and logo, and
individually re-priced at $19.98. The pre-order date is April 6, 2004.
GENEON ENTERTAINMENT (USA) INC. is supporting the series with an
aggressive trade and consumer marketing campaign, including advertising in
Animerica, Anime Insider, Newtype USA, Polygon Magazine, and Wizard, among others.
In addition, the campaign will target online video game and entertainment
sites. The Geneon Signature Series will also be supported with direct
distributor and sales mailers.

Lain, Serial Experiments ³Reset² ­ Volume 4

Lain, once a quiet and thoughtful girl, undergoes multiple personality
changes after a dead classmate contacted her from beyond and invited
Lain to join the wired. ³Who am I?² That is the questsion Lain faces in
³Reset.² After destroying her own creator and losing her best friend, Lain must
decide what to do next. Should she delete herself from everyone's
memory? If she does, the real world should remain exactly the same, but if no
one remembers her, did Lain ever really exist?
Catalog # 12241
$19.98 SRP
Run Time: 75 min.
Rated: 16 UP

Gate Keepers ³Infiltration² ­ Volume 3

Thirty-two years ago, as Japan rose from the ashes of WWII, the
optimism of the country was threatened by a mysterious invading force known only as
the Invaders. The AEGIS Network of Gate Keepers was founded to counter
this powerful threat and uncover its source. In this volume, while
struggling to locate Invaders suspected of causing airplane accidents around the
world, the Gate Keepers discover the Invaders disguised as an airplane. With
the manifestation of their teacher into an Invader, the Gate Keeper agents
are forced to recognize the full extent of the Invaders' reach. But, the
greatest shock is still to come - a Gate Keeper is working with the
Catalog # 12235
$19.98 SRP
Run Time: 75 min.
Rated: 13 UP

Tenchi Muyo! OVA - Volume 3

The adventures of Tenchi Masaki continue, as he begins to settle into
the everyday chaos of having five beautiful alien girls in his house. What
secrets will we learn about Sasami and Washu? And how will Tenchi and
his friends do against their greatest challenge since Kagato - the baby!
Finally, Washu's experiment escapes from the lab and enables Ryo-ohki
to become almost human! Will she use this opportunity to show her love
for Tenchi?
Catalog # 12247
$19.98 SRP
Run Time: 90 min.
Rated: 13 UP

Tenchi Universe ­ Volume 3

The adventures of high school student Tenchi Masaki continues as chaos
reigns in the Masaki household. First, Washu, the resident
mad-scientist attempts to make an android genius modeled after herself, but Mihoshi
adds her own touch and soon they find themselves in a life-and-death
struggle with a maniacal mad-scientist mecha-air-head! Then, Ryoko's past comes
back to haunt her when the top bounty hunter in the Galaxy, Naga, comes
looking for Ryoko.
Catalog # 12255
$19.98 SRP
Run Time: 75 min.
Rated: 13 UP

Trigun ­ Volume 4

On a desert planet in the distant future, stranded colonists struggle
for life on the new frontier. In this world, the legend of Vash the
Stampede speaks of a gunslinger so dangerous that he single handedly destroyed
entire cities! As bounty hunters and insurance agents pursue the legend to
collect the $$60,000,000,000 reward on his head or to limit further damage,
they suffer one of two fates. Either they crawl away wounded from
self-inflicted injury or they stagger away in disbelief that such a fool could inspire
such a grand legend! Vash -The Humanoid Typhoon ­ the most dreaded
gunslinger is back. A city is dying; but when they decide Vash's bounty is the cure,
will they find it comes with too high a price?
Catalog # 12275
$19.98 SRP
Run Time: 75 min.
Rated: 13 UP

Sailor Moon S - Volume 7/8

In the battles with Eugeal over the heart crystals, the Sailor Scouts
all learn each other's identities. However, instead of bringing them
together to save the world, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and the new arrival,
Sailor Pluto, insist that Sailor Moon and her friends only get in the
way. Sailor Moon gains even more power when they uncover the secrets of the
Holy Grail, but even though she defeats Eugeal, even more powerful foes
replace her! Will they learn that her father is the evil Professor Tomoe
before it is too late?
Catalog # 12267
$19.98 SRP
Run Time: 140 min.
Rated: 13 UP

Mahoro¹s Back With Her Greatest Challenge Ever:
Curb Suguru¹s Naughty Thoughts!


The Battle For Dirty Indulgences Begins When The DVD Debuts On May 18
Highly trained combat maid Mahoro has faced some of the greatest perils
in the galaxy, but nothing has prepared her for her latest challenge:
weaning Suguru from his precious collection of hentai. The whole gang returns
for more adventures in Mahoromatic ­ Automatic Maiden: Summer Special,
coming to DVD May 18 from Geneon Entertainment. Featuring a full color art
gallery, two promo video featurettes and a fold-out mini-poster, the DVD is
available singly or with a collector¹s box to hold both prior Mahoromatic TV
series and a limited edition Mahoromatic figure. The first two series are
currently available on DVD from Geneon Entertainment, along with two
jaunty CD soundtracks. Mahoromatic ­ Automatic Maiden: Summer Special is
presented in anamorphic widesecreen and features two separate subtitle streams.
Prebook is April 13, 2004. Before Suguru faced the dire threats to humanity from Management, he
had to fight the truly important battle: the right to dirty thoughts!
However, when the ever-vigilant Mahoro recruits Rin, Chizuko and Miyuki to
eliminate Suguru¹s precious hentai collection, he must make a stand.
Fortunately, he can rely on the help of his friends Hamaguchi and Kawahara, but what
sacrifices must be made for the greater good?
Mahoromatic ­ Automatic Maiden: Summer Special
$14.98 (DVD)
$39.98 (DVD with Limited Edition box and figure)
Running Time: 37 min
Catalog Number:
12197 (DVD)
12199 (DVD with Limited Edition box and figure)
Rating: 16 UP
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
Language: English, Japanese

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term 02/03 were recorded at ¥1,692.9 billion. Dentsu is publicly quoted on
the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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