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ANIME BOSTON, April 10, 2004—ADV Films today announced the acquisition for Anime Network broadcast and home-video distribution of Princess Tutu and RahXephon: The Motion Picture. The acquisitions were announced at ADV Films' panel discussion at Anime Boston on Saturday, April 10, 2004 by ADV Films' David L. Williams, producer. In addition, plans were announced to release Excel Saga Imperfect Collection, a box set collecting the entire Excel Saga TV series, and two DVD premieres from ADV Films' popular catalog titles: Sonic Soldier Borgman and My Dear Marie.

About Princess Tutu

Once upon a time, a duck named Ahiru fell in love with a beautiful but sullen prince named Mytho. Ahiru sensed something was very wrong with the prince and wished to help him, but being a duck, knew she could do nothing but pine for him from afar. One day, Ahiru met the ghost of a dead fairy tale writer, Drosselmeyer, who offered her the chance to become a human girl and help the prince. Drosselmeyer gave her a magic pendant, granting Ahiru the power to become the magical ballerina Princess Tutu, and instructed her to recover the missing pieces of Mytho's shattered heart and return them to their rightful owner. Will Ahiru and Mytho live happily ever after?

Princess Tutu is a fanciful shoujo series conceived by Ikuko Ito, character designer for several Sailor Moon series, and produced by HAL Film Maker (Kaleido Star) and TBS (Chobits). Directors for the series are Junichi Sato, director of the original Sailor Moon and creator of Kaleido Star, and Shougo Kawamoto, director of You're Under Arrest! Season 2. ADV Manga recently announced the acquisition of the Princess Tutu manga series, which will see release later this year.

No release date has been announced for the Princess Tutu anime.

About RahXephon: The Motion Picture
Hailed by many as one of the finest examples of the mecha (or “giant robot”) anime genre, RahXephon set new standards of excellence upon its home video premiere in early 2003. Now the acclaimed TV series returns for RahXephon: The Motion Picture, the previously unreleased feature-length follow-up to the smartly crafted science-fiction thriller. RahXephon: The Motion Picture revisits the TV series, presenting new perspectives of the familiar events as they unfold and uncovering new mysteries and secrets along the way.

Although no release date has been announced, RahXephon: The Motion Picture is currently in production at ADV Film's studios and is expected to debut on DVD this summer.

About Excel Saga: The Imperfect Collection
Already one of the most popular titles in ADV Films' vast library of anime properties, the brutally funny, no holds barred and no sacred cow left untipped comedy stylings of Excel Saga return to home video this summer for its first, oft-requested complete collection—the Excel Saga Imperfect Collection. The satirical series gleefully skewers anything and everything in its path--even the cast and crew who produced Excel Saga are given no quarter! (Director Shinichi Watanabe pops up regularly as manic, afro'ed action hero Nabeshin, while other creative staff members make the occasional screwball appearance as well.)

The Excel Saga Imperfect Collection (SRP $89.98) contains the entire 26-episode series on six discs, along with a high-quality chipboard art box sized to hold and display the DVDs. The collection has a street date of July 6, 2004.

About Sonic Soldier Borgman
Sonic Soldier Borgman collects both the Last Battle OVA and the Lover's Rain motion picture. Both Borgman titles, which detail the adventures of a group of technologically enhanced cyborg warriors, were previously released separately on VHS by ADV Films. This release marks the first time the oft-requested titles have been available on DVD.

No release date has been announced for the Sonic Soldier Borgman DVD, though it is expected to be made available sometime this summer.

About My Dear Marie
Previously released on VHS by ADV Films, My Dear Marie is three-part OVA series directed by Tomomi Mochizuki, director of Princess Nine. The comedy/adventure title follows the love triangle between meek techno-wizard Hiroshi; the seemingly unattainable school girl Marie, for whom Hiroshi harbors a secret crush; and “Marie,” the robot duplicate created by Hiroshi as a substitute for the genuine article's affection.

ADV Films announced plans for a DVD release later this year.

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