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Slate Represents Channel Commitment to Providing Constant Fresh Fare for 10 Spot

SANTA MONICA, CA (June 7, 2004) - MTV announced today a vigorous development slate including pilot deals with Cameron Diaz, Frankie Muniz, Fonzworth Bentley with P Diddy and Andre Harrell, Wilmer Valderrama, Stan Lee, Omarion from B2K, Rob Zombie and Lizzie Grubman. Maintaining its leadership position as the #1 rated basic cable network among P12-24 for 28 consecutive quarters, MTV is rolling out a wide and diverse slate of projects ranging from animation to street racing to reality to music to news documentaries, all capturing the interests and lifestyles of the young adult audience. These new projects will help fuel MTV's wildly successful Ten Spot and Sunday Stew programming blocks throughout 2004-2005.

MTV also announced that the channel is developing a new music performance series with Jay-Z. ULTIMATEMASH-UPS would bring artists from different musical genres together to mesh their distinctive musical styles into one powerful new sound, seamlessly blending two separate songs into one, before a live audience. Executives in Charge of Development for MTV are Tom Calderone, Michele Dix and Jesse Ignjatovic.

MTV's Ten Spot is not only the most watched block of television among 12-34 year olds, but it has also grown tremendously - up 260% versus the three years prior,” says Brian Graden, President, Programming, MTV. “For years, our constant state of development has allowed us to always have something new to offer the MTV audience, who have voracious appetites for fresh programming. With this new slate, we'll continue to ensure that the Ten Spot remains a must-watch destination for our viewers.”

The following shows have been greenlit for pilot: TRIPPIN' - In the pilot, Cameron Diaz and a group of friends, including Drew Barrymore, Derrick Watkins aka Farnsworth Bentley and pro skateboarder Eric Costin, travel to Chile to uncover adventure and highlight environmental issues without the aid of four star hotels or indoor plumbing. Executive Producers: Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Rogers, Lois Curren, Rod Aissa and R. Greg Johnston. GRANTED — A reality series starring Frankie Muniz. In each episode, Frankie will surprise 3 unsuspecting viewers and whisk them off to solve their problems, jump-start their fantasies and help them live out their dreams. Frankie enlists the help of his sidekicks as well as celebrity experts. The pilot episode features L.A Laker star Derek Fisher helping a basketball team hopeful get back his game, Blink 182's Travis Barker inspiring skills and confidence to the drummer of an all girl band, and former race car driver Danny McKeever helping a teen who has failed his driving test 2 times get it in gear and get his license. Creator: Frankie Muniz; Executive Produced by David Franzke and Mark Schulman and Jeff Golenberg of 3 Arts Entertainment; Executives in Charge of Development: Lois Curren, Rod Aissa and Beth Greenwald.

BORROW MY CREW - Starring Fonzworth Bentley, P Diddy's former umbrella wielding arbiter of style and conduit to the upper crust, this reality-based, semi-comic program has a popular celebrity lending their professional entourage to a viewer facing a relatively modest, everyday obstacle or ambition. In a coordinated team effort, the star's “glam squad” demonstrates the full force of their resources while assisting the needy individual. The pilot features a girl getting ready for her senior prom with the help of J-Lo's crew. Farnsworth hosts and J-Lo makes an appearance in the pilot. Executive Producer: P Diddy; Co-Executive Producers: Fonzworth Bentley and Andre Harrell; Executives in Charge of Development for MTV: Tom Calderone, Michele Dix and Jesse Ignjatovic; Senior VP of Talent and Series: Rod Aissa.

SHOW AND GO - Hosted by Wilmer Valderrama (“That 70's Show”), this reality drama/competition series takes the glamour and excitement of street racing into a safe and legal environment while maintaining the integrity of the lifestyle. High-octane look into the world of import car street racing that will follow 2 teams of 5 individual racers as they try to build the ultimate ride and dust their opponents. As the competition unfolds, competitors are rewarded and eliminated, but there can only be one winner. Guided and trained by a professional racer, the teams will compete against one another for the ultimate prize: the privilege of talking home the tricked out cars they have built and raced over the course of the season. Executive Producer: Patrick Byrnes; Co-Executive Producers/Creators: Glasgow Phillips and Heather Waters; Executives in Charge of Development: Lois Curren, Jessica Samet and Lauren Dolgen.

WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? - Created by prolific producer Bruce Nash (“For Love or Money,” “Meet My Folks,” Mr. Personality” and “Outback Jack”) and executive produced by Michael Bloom (Nickelodeon's “Rocket Power” and “Late World with Zach”), eight lucky comic book fans-who dress up as their own original comic book heroes-will get a chance to compete against each other in games and challenged that transform their comic book fantasies into the most exhilarating real-life situations they could ever imagine. And when the dust settles, the winner will get to see his/her character featured in his/her very own comic book…written by none other than comic book legend, Stan Lee. Executives in Charge of Development for MTV: Lois Curren, Jessica Samet and Drew Tappon.

DEDICATED - Features viewer music video dedications with an added tale. Hosted by the hot music artist Omarion, each show will feature 3 to 4 dedications shown as mini reality bios that tell the story behind the dedication. Created By: Paul Harrison Ivan Dudynsky, Audrey Morrissey. Executives in Charge of Development: Lois Curren, Jessica Samet and Lauren Dolgen.

KAPPA MIKEY - When unemployed New York actor Mikey Simon is recruited to join the cast of LilyMu, formerly Japan's hottest TV Anime series, let's just say, “the fish doesn't stick to the rice.” His co-stars can tell right away that he's the wrong guy for the job. But the viewers disagree, and suddenly, Mikey is Japan's newest superstar, rocketing LilyMu back to the top of the ratings. Kappa Mikey is the story of Mikey's epic struggles to win over his co-workers, get a clue about Japanese culture and look cool while wrestling giant robotic beetles! Kappa Mikey has adapted the Larry Sanders model to the growing pop culture of anime, giving the viewers an exclusive comedic look at the behind the scenes of a Japanese cartoon. Created by Larry Schwarz; Directed by Sergei Aniskov; Produced by Animation Collective; Executives in Charge of Development for MTV: Marian Davis and John Priemer.

HOUSE ARREST - From MTV's News & Docs group, each episode of “House Arrest” features a different celebrity traveling home to spend not only one week with their parents but also follow their rules and guidelines. Can they resolve a long-standing issue they've had with mom and dad since childhood? Do they squabble with their parents and siblings? Fight over the remote? Are they forced to do the dishes and clean up their room, despite their celebrity status? Show creators and Series Producers: Jessica Chesler and Sam Simmons; Executives in Charge of Development for MTV: Lauren Lazin and Marshall Eisen.

ZOMBIE CHRONICLES - Developing a horror-themed series with Rob Zombie. Executives in Charge of Development: Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley.

POWER GIRLS (Working Title): Reality show exploring the life of a team of young publicists, led by press maven, Lizzie Grubman and her PR company, who control much of the Manhattan, Hamptons, and Miami trendy nightlife. Executives in Charge of Development: Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley.

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