eigoMANGA branches out with J-rock bands

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-August 16, 2004-eigoMANGA has plans to work with a couple of noted Japanese rock bands in 2005. “J-rock bands have enormous potential to be popular here with American anime fans,” says Austin Osueke, President and CEO of eigoMANGA.

EigoMANGA is currently in talks with Tofu Records about sponsoring L'arc En Ciel, a popular J-rock band, to perform at a concert in California next year. The decision to promote L'arc En Ciel stemmed from a fan petition eigoMANGA circulated at Anime Expo last year and then via the Internet. Since then, EigoMANGA has collected over 1,400 signatures from fans eager to attend a L'arc En Ciel concert here in the United States. L'arc En Ciel, which means “rainbow” in French, originally started off as a Japanese “boy band” in 1991. But the band's immense popularity remained steady throughout that decade and into the next. Their hit singl es have included “Ready, Steady, Go” and “Flower”- both were theme songs for television anime series.

EigoMANGA will also provide publicity for Duel Jewel, a J-rock band currently touring in the United States. Drawings of members from this band will appear in a future eigoMANGA series, such as Rumble Pak. April 2005 is the projected date of this issue's release. CD samples of Duel Jewel's music would be included with each issue.


Update, 8/18: "A press announcement was released stating that eigoMANGA and Tofu Records are in current negotiations in sponsoring an event for L'arc~En~Ciel. This announcement is a misprint."

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