Infinity Studios Licenses Nananana

For immediate release


Jay Chung
Infinity Studios LLC
[email protected]

El Cerrito, CA – October 06, 2004 Today, Infinity Studios LLC announces they will be publishing Nananana, a masterpiece from the raising star of Japan, Harada, Shotaro.

A robot addicted to donuts?

The future is full of ‘Legion's’, or robots that serve to fulfill the needs of humans. Nanami a fresh young graduate from the technician academy is assigned to the 7th prescient, to be the repair technician for the Legion Officers. Or so he thinks, when he gets there, he's greeted by a Female Legion who snaps when she runs out of donuts to eat. To vent her frustration she starts throwing pieces of concrete at Nanami. Soon a female Legion officer tells Nanami that he's the new head chief for the 7th prescient. Unfortunately the pieces of concrete that were thrown at him earlier were the remains of the 7th prescient! Is Nanami the new head chief of a pile of rubble now?!

Things get more interesting when Nanami's classmate from middle school who used to terrorize him by smacking him around joins the 7th prescient! But did she join the police force because of Nanami? Will Nanami ever be reunited with the female Legion officer that saved him from a fire 5 years ago? Why is a girl that came bursting out of a package sniffing Nanami like a cat would?

Nananana's comedy is so unique and hilarious, that it will cause readers to immediately want to show their friends why they have a stomach cramp.

A bit about the author: Shotaro Harada is a young but talented manga artist that first started out as a fan artist for SNK fighting games. His first work to be published in a monthly magazine was D4 Princess, which went on to become a hit anime as well. After finishing D4 Princess, Shotaro Harada started Nananana, which has quickly become another popular manga that is still currently running in the monthly magazine, Dengeki Daioh.

Infinity Studios LLC is a new and upcoming publisher of Korean manhwa and Japanese manga. With the goal of becoming the premiere provider of best selling manhwas and mangas, Infinity Studios LLC strives to publish only the highest quality books.

Nananana # 1 will be available in Feburary 2005. Each 208 page graphic novel will be priced at $9.99. Visit for more detailed series information.

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