Manga Entertainment to Release The Guyver Bio-Booster Armor: The Collection

The Guyver Bio- Booster Armor: The Collection

"A Fast Paced No-Holds-Barred Adventure!" - Video Watchdog

Chicago, IL -Manga Entertainment is proud to release the action packed 12 part video comic series The Guyver in a deluxe two-DVD Box Set featuring six 30 minute episodes on each disc.

When high-school student, Sho, unwittingly activates a mysterious alien weapon, he is transformed into THE GUYVER, a powerful mechanized warrior possessing an incredible alien arsenal. He must now defend mankind against the Zoanoids - devastating bio-weapons created by an ancient alien race's gruesome genetic experiments

The Guyver first gained popularity in 1985 when the saga appeared within the pages of the Japanese comic anthology Shonen Captain. Encouraged by his editor to make his initial combat-suit design more grotesque, comic artist Yoshiki Takaya struck upon the idea of an alien, biological device - a living suit of armor that bonded itself organically to its host. The animated version of The Guyver was released in two separate OVA series in Japan with Takaya personally involved in both productions. Not only did The Guyver make the jump from manga to anime, but the franchise has also spawned two live-action films (Screaming Mad George's Guyver in 1991, and Steve Wang's Guyver: Dark Hero in 1994).

DVD Special Features Include: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround & 2.0 Stereo, English and Japanese languages, English subtitles, Zoanoid Data files, Character bios & trailers, free poster inside each DVD, Original Japanese intros, Photo Gallery, and Manga extras.

THE GUYVER: Bio-Booster Armor- The Collection

Studio: Manga Entertainment Sales & Distribution: Anchor Bay
Release Date: November 23, 2004 Pre-Book Date: October 26, 2004
Barcode: 0 1313 82008-9 1 Selection: M2008
SRP: $39.98 Running Time: 180 minutes per disc
Each DVDs contains 6 half-hour episodes.

Rating: Not rated. Contains violence, adult situations, and brief nudity.
Parental discretion advised.

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