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Thumbworks announced today that CellToons is one of the newest multimedia channels for Sprint (NYSE:FON). CellToons will offer animated streaming video and audio clips on Sprint PCS Vision(SM) Multimedia Services. The new content expands the Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Services portfolio of streaming audio and video delivered directly to Sprint subscribers over the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network (CDMA1X). Sprint customers who subscribe to Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Services are able to access hundreds of clips every day, covering the latest news, weather, sports and entertainment and original mobile viewing content. CellToons will be available to Sprint PCS Vision customers on channel 18 for $4.95 a month.

CellToons features one- to three-minute animated shorts from some of the world's most brilliant and innovative animators and writers, including:

-- Vancouver Film School - emerging artists from the world-renowned film and production school

-- ADV Films - the #1 producer-distributor of Japanese animation ("anime") for the North American market

-- Bruno Bozzetto - Academy Award-nominated animator

-- Mike Wellins - prolific Indie filmmaker and commercial director whose work displays a creative and engaging variety of styles

-- Blur Studios - world-class animation studio featuring innovative CG animation and visual effects

"We like to call CellToons 'The nonstop mobile animation festival' because it introduces people to some of the best animated shorts from around the world," said Craig Holland, President of Thumbworks. "By making CellToons available through Sprint, a whole new audience will get a chance to see these artists at work. Some of these shorts are so clever, so magnificently executed that you'll find yourself watching them over and over again. There are some CellToons that I have seen a dozen times or more, and I still laugh out loud when I watch them."

The animators couldn't be more excited about this avenue into the mobile medium. "Our students don't just make student films," said Paul Gertz, Director of Business Affairs, Vancouver Film School. "They make animated films that compete with the best in the world. CellToons is a great opportunity to introduce our students' work to the animation community as well as to a broader audience." Bozzetto put it this way: "To me, a drawing is an idea with a line around it. CellToons has given me another place to draw my lines and share with others my ideas."

According to animator Mike Wellins, whose credits include Walt Disney Feature Animation, Hanna Barbera, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros., the CellToons portfolio contains "cartoons for grown-ups." He says: "I like making animated films that are funny, but I'd rather make funny films that happen to be animated. And as I see it, that's sort of what CellToons is all about."

Customers who subscribe to Sprint PCS Vision Multimedia Services can select from a variety of channel options ranging in content and price from $3.95 to $9.99 per month. The content providers offer new clips continually every day ensuring the content is fresh and current. The service offers a wide range of content for everyone -- from late-breaking world events to made-for-mobile movies or red-carpet arrivals to those animated friends that keep you and your children entertained. Once a channel has been purchased, it is listed under "My Channels." The preview channel and any promotional channels will automatically appear under the My Channels listing.

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