A Tree of Palme at the Alamo

Austin Exclusive!
FEB. 13, 15 & 16
409 Colorado St. Austin TX
info & tickets: www.originalalamo.com

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"a dazzling allegorical science-fantasy tale" (FPS Magazine)

"It is a serious anime that can change not only your perception of anime, but also of the meaning of your life." (Victor Eisenberg, Big Apple Anime Fest)

An animator whose credits include the anime essentials AKIRA, NAUSICAA, NEO-TOKYO and ROBOT CARNIVAL, Takashi Nakamura spent ten years developing PALME with a crew of 500 and a mix of 2Dcel and 3D animation. In this dark retelling of the 'Pinocchio' story, Palme is a puppet made out of a special wood called Kuroppo wood, and given life with a mystical sap that works as blood. Initially created to care for his makers ailing wife, Palme becomes despondent and eventually lifeless when she dies. One day a madwoman from the Underground City of Tamas shows up at the cottage and charges Palme with returning the sacred Egg of Toutoback to her homeland. Mistaking her for his dead mistress, he springs to life to carry out her wishes. He starts off on a perilous journey that sees him team up with a rag-tag group of orphans that he rescues from the slave-trade. He meets the abused waif Popo and falls in love with her, and is determined to become human to win her affection. But Palme is naive and too socially inexperienced to handle matters of the heart responsibly, and succumbs to anger and resentment over his inhuman condition. Worse still, he does not realize that the Egghe is carrying is a tool of mass destruction. The animation is top notch, with vintage character design and impressive landscapes that recall Mamoru (ANGEL'S EGG) Oshii's work. Alternately poignant and horrifying, Palme's existential crisis soon supplants his original mission, and he is willing to destroy himself and the underground city to become human. Ironically, this tendency toward destruction is his most human quality of all. (Kier-La Janisse)

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