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San Francisco, CA - John McLean Media, a distributor of television programming to USA domestic and international television will promote and market eigoMANGA's television program, ANIME MIX at the 2005 NATPE: National Association of Television Program Executives. The 2005 NATPE event will be held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas on January 25-27.

ANIME MIX is an anime news magazine television program that incorporates a variety of topics targeting anime/manga fandom in the US; the show also features the latest in anime news, live anime event coverage, and exclusive interviews with leading industry professionals. ANIME MIX is currently broadcasted on The U Network, a national cable network catered towards university students; at the 2005 NATPE the aim for ANIME MIX though John McLean Media is to distribute exclusive ANIME MIX television programming for the a broader audience network television and cable.

”It's pretty obvious that anime has become substantially popular in the US but there is still very little exposure relating to the growing fan-fare stemming from this popular new form of pop culture”, claims Austin Osueke, eigoMANGA CEO and Executive Producer of ANIME MIX. “There are fans all over the country ranging from pre-teens to middle-age adults who dress up and behave like their favorite characters at anime conventions. It's a growing trend and we feel that a little light should be shed onto it”.

The 2005 NATPE is the only American event serving the worldwide television community. This three-day convention and marketplace is recognized throughout the world as a key media event. Producers of ANIME MIX will be on hand to represent and host a series of presentations about ANIME MIX at the John McLean Media exhibition booth located at #1346.

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