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February 15, 2005 (Cypress, CA) – Announced on January 31, 2005 in Tokyo, Japan – Bandai Entertainment, Inc. has joined forces with several companies in Japan to produce an all new original television animation series titled ‘Eureka Seven’ set to air every Sunday at 7:00 AM on Japan's MBS/TBS national network beginning April 17th. A total of 11 partners are involved in the ‘Eureka Seven’ project with the television series being the core, there will also be various product development, and other media related expansions set to fire-up this new project.

Created and animated by internationally acclaimed animation studio, BONES, Inc. (Cowboy Bebop the Movie, Scrapped Princess, Full Metal Alchemist) – ‘Eureka Seven’, the production boasts an extremely exciting line-up of creative talent including the young talented director - Tomoki Kyoda (Rahxephon), veteran mechanical designer - Shoji Kawamori (Macross, Macross Plus), and veteran character designer - Kenichi Yoshida (Cowboy Bebop the Movie). 'Bandai Entertainment is extremely excited to be part of such an epic production and along with all of our ‘Eureka Seven’ partners, can't wait for its distribution domestically in Japan and later on for the International market”, says Ken Iyadomi, Executive Vice President of Bandai Entertainment, Inc.

The story of ‘Eureka Seven’ centers on Renton, a young man who occasionally helps out his father as a mechanic. But Renton's feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration grows as his mundane and routine work clouds his visions for his future and begins to dream about flying around the world. It isn't until one day, a large human-like mech falls from the sky in front of young Renton and appearing from the depths of the machine is a beautiful young girl named Eureka. And as she asks the dumbfounded Renton for repairs, the two will embark upon a fantastic journey into the unknown.

“Eureka Seven” comprises of several partners and includes the entire Bandai Group whose mission is to develop mid to long-term “contents projects”, focusing on cross media platform collaboration of animation, video games, action figures, and the development of new products and merchandise. Bandai Entertainment will be the central company focusing on the “Eureka Seven” animation and will handle 3rd party licensing.

Along with the animated series for ‘Eureka Seven’, the video game will depart in their respective project with new characters and storyline paralleling the television series. Bandai Corp. President & CEO Takeo Takasu's comments, “As Project Eureka officially begins in April, with the strong force and partnership we have with production members and affiliate, we are able to accomplish multiple product businesses centered around the animation. As a Bandai Group, we will fully expand the business potential of Eureka Seven through product development, high-quality image distribution, broadband transmission and many other strong entertainment elements”. here will also be merchandise development such as plastic models, action figures, playing cards, apparel, and snacks. As part of the “Eureka Seven” project, Kadokawa Shoten Inc. will release a comic series based on the TV animation in the “Gekkan Shonen Ace” with Sony Music Group partnering to create music for the animation and video game portion. Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is expected to release a CD of the theme songs, and Aniplex Inc. will release a CD of the animation music. In addition, many other companies will also contribute to the numerous product/merchandise expansion based on ‘Eureka Seven’.

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