Central Park Media Spotlights Female Heroines

New York, NY (March 15, 2005) – In May, CPM will be re-releasing some of its best anime at a newly reduced price. Angel Sanctuary, a haunting supernatural adventure of angels and demons, is now available for $19.95 SRP. Alien Nine Collector's Edition has been re-priced to $19.95 SRP and Alien Nine Ultimate Collection, which includes the Alien Nine DVD and 3 graphic novels, will be set at $39.95 SRP.

CPM is also re-pricing the sexy comedy My My Mai and the sexy action adventure Sprite: Between Two Worlds at $9.95 SRP.

Angel Sanctuary
A beautiful angel wages war against God - and loses. Reborn as a human boy, Setsuna struggles with visions and supernatural powers. Angels and demons flock to his awakening, spoiling for battle. Will Setsuna lead them to the apocalypse, or to salvation?
Running time: 90 minutes
Genre: Action/Adventure/Supernatural
Rating: 16UP
WEA Selection: 752047
SRP: $19.95
UPC: 7-19987-20472-0

Alien Nine Collector's Edition
Yuri is totally bummed. She just started 6th grade and has been elected to capture and eliminate the aliens that are constantly invading the school...GROSS!
Running time: 100 minutes
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 13UP
WEA Selection: 752241
SRP: $19.95
UPC: 7-19987-22412-4

Alien Nine Ultimate Collection
Yuri is totally bummed. She just started 6th grade and has been elected to fight the aliens that invade the school on a daily basis. Worse, she has to wear a creepy symbiotic alien on her head to get the job done. GROSS!
Running time: 100 minutes
Genre: Action-Adventure/Sci-Fi
Rating: 16UP
WEA Selection: 736421
SRP: $39.95
UPC: 7-19987-00642-3-49086

My My Mai
Mai's a super counselor with blazing sex appeal who specializes in solving her clients' bedroom problems – and male clients are preferred!
Running time: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy/Erotica
Rating: 16UP
WEA Selection: 752450
SRP: $9.95
UPC: 7-19987-24502-0

Sprite: Between Two Worlds
Lately, shy Manami has been flirting outrageously and sparking vicious catfights! Afterwards, she remembers nothing. Can it be that another personality seethes beneath her own — a wild woman who'll do anything to find trouble?
Running time: 90 minutes
Genre: Erotic-Action/Adventure
Rating: 16UP
WEA Selection: 752425
SRP: $9.95
UPC: 7-19987-24252-4

About Central Park Media:
Central Park Media has been a leading supplier of anime in the United States since 1990. The company currently manufactures and distributes three home entertainment lines, each offering anime product for a distinct and discriminating audience: U. S. Manga Corps, Central Park Media and Software Sculptors. With exclusive rights to hundreds of book, video and music products, the company has become a leader in integrated media, as well as a leading publisher of graphic novels under its CPM Press label. Central Park Media also carries a broad array of documentaries released under its CPM label, as well as live-action Japanese feature films under its Asia Pulp Cinema label.

For high resolution, downloadable artwork and information, please visit CPM's electronic press kit at www.centralparkmedia.com./cpmdb/presskit.cfm.

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