Radio Announces Cosplay Dance Contest


$100 worth of gift certificates for dance and Anime apparel to the winner

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Radio, the number one place on the Internet for the best in Anime and J-Pop music, has announced the first ever Cosplay Dance Contest. The Cosplay Dance Contest is designed for fans of Japanese Anime and J-Pop that enjoy expressing themselves through dance.

Contestants will don cosplay outfits and dance to their favorite tune or tunes from an Anime series or their favorite Japanese band. They will record their performance to videotape or digital media, and submit their performance to the contest. After all performances are reviewed, one first prize winner will receive $100 worth of gift certificates for both dance apparel and Anime apparel.

Jose Ramos, host of the “JRHorse Side Project” on Radio, and a long-time fan of the arts, says that the Cosplay Dance Contest intends to fill a much-needed void.

“There are many a convention where cosplayers who perform by dance are required to mix themselves in with everyone else who is cosplaying, mostly whom are acting out a scene through words,” Ramos said. “I do not practice professional dance myself, but it's something about witnessing dance over the years that mesmerizes me. I feel that people can interpret themselves through dance as well as, if not better than, interpreting through words.

“I said to myself, why not put this idea to the test… and so, we've arrived at this, the Cosplay Dance Contest,” Ramos continued. “We would like to invite anyone who loves to dance… either as a hobby or as a profession… and who enjoy Japanese Anime, to enter this contest. It's much more than an exclusive arena of competition for the combination of Cosplay and dance. This contest will enhance everyone's perception of the arts, which I believe is of utmost importance.”

"We're very excited to sponsor such an unprecedented event," said Ashley Bell, better known to radio station listeners as Yuki-chan. "I'm a dance enthusiast myself, and I'm looking forward to a hopefully large turnout."

Ramos stressed that the Cosplay Dance Contest is NOT for ‘Ravers’. “If you want to rave, go somewhere else,” he said. “We're looking for dance which is in a recognizable form… Jazz, Acrobatic, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe, just to name a few.”

Starting on Labor Day, those interested in entering the Cosplay Dance Contest must submit e-mail notification. Entries will close on Monday, September 19, or when twenty completed entries are received, whichever occurs first.

Contestants will then have at least three weeks to prepare costumes and dance routines, then two additional weeks to record their solo performances and submit them to the contest.

The contestant judged to have the best performance will win a $50 gift certificate for dance apparel, and a $50 gift certificate for Anime apparel, for a total of $100 in gift certificates.

Several factors are taken into consideration to determine the best performance, including the costume, the dance, and how well the dance harmonizes with the character being portrayed.

In addition, the first prize winner, along with three second prize winners, will each receive a subscription to Radio's Enhanced Listener Service (ELS), which will enable them to listen to the greatest Anime and J-Pop tunes of yesterday and today whenever they wish. With the ELS service, they will also be able to request more songs to hear on the station every day than other listeners.

The cost to enter the Cosplay Dance Contest? Just about nothing.

“We will accept performances in a variety of ways, including online and through the mail, WMV and AVI files, DVDs and VHS tapes,” Ramos said. “The only time we'll charge is if people send us DVD or VHS copies of their performance, and they want their copies returned.”

Contestants must be United States residents, 13 years of age or older, with a valid e-mail address. Contestants under the age of 18 will need to get permission from a parent before entering. Void where prohibited by law.

Those who are interested in participating should go to the official website of the Cosplay Dance Contest,, for more information, including a complete breakdown of the official rules. The e-mail link to submit entries for the contest will be posted on Labor Day (Monday, September 5). Radio, which opened its doors on February 1, 2000, is powered by Shoutcast and offers a growing playlist of over 2,800 Anime and J-Pop songs, which can be requested at anytime via its web site, In addition to a weekly live show hosted by station owner Keiichi-san, a.k.a. Michael Morris, ex2 offers special programs such as the daily “Anime Retro Classics,” “Anime Reload” on Friday evenings, and Yuki-chan's “Score Show” on Thursday nights. The “JRHorse Side Project” on Sunday afternoons is hosted by Jose Ramos and features select cuts of Anime and J-Pop music with a New York twist. The second season of the “Side Project” is scheduled to kick off on October 2.

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