e frontier Announces Manga Studio 3.0 and Partnership with TOKYOPOP Inc.

e frontier Announces Manga Studio 3.0 and Partnership with TOKYOPOP

Software Allows Artists to Create Digital Manga and Comics

Scotts Valley, Calif., January 25, 2005 - e frontier announces the
release of Manga Studio 3.0, a manga and comic book creation software
program designed for aspiring and professional artists. Manga Studio
contains everything needed to create high-quality, manga-style comics
without the use of other graphic software. e frontier is partnering
TOKYOPOP, the #1 publisher of manga in the U.S, to release Manga Studio
3.0 in the United States.

Some of the features included in Manga Studio 3.0 are the software's
large selection of screen tones, single-click special effects, drag and
drop tools, word balloons and floating palettes. Once the manga or
artwork is completed, it can be printed from any computer, sent to a
service bureau for publishing, formatted for the Web or exported for
coloring. Manga Studio was originally created in Japan as Comic Studio
and has become the #1 selling manga software in Japan and worldwide.

Two versions of the software are available; Manga Studio DEBUT, for the
aspiring artist or hobbyist and Manga Studio EX for those that require
expert tools and professional results in one software package.

TOKYOPOP manga is now appearing in the Sunday comic section of many
major US and international newspapers such as the LA Times, the Detroit
News and the Vancouver Sun. Beginning this summer, 30 newspapers in the
US and Canada will be begin a TOKYOPOP manga series titled, "Van Von
Hunter", which is created with Manga Studio.

Ron Kaulfersch, creator of "Van Von Hunter" said, "Manga Studio has
given me the chance to experiment and refine my manga toning techniques
without having to invest the time, expense and effort of working with
traditional hand-applied screen tones."

Some of the features of Manga Studio DEBUT and EX include:

Professional Screen Tones

Manga Studio allows artists to easily add, remove or replace tones.
Manga Studio DEBUT contains over 1,800 tones and Manga Studio EX has
over 3,000 screen tones!

Digital Pen Tablets Allows Intuitive Drawing Results

The subtleties of drawing on paper are created with Manga Studio and
tablet (sold separately).

Multiple File Formats Supported

Manga Studio 3.0 can support a variety of image file formats including
BMP, JPEG and PSD. Original line art can be drawn by the artist,
scanned-in or imported from other programs.

Artistic Control and Freedom

The large quantity of features and tools in the software make
creative techniques and treatments possible. Text and word balloons are
easily created and edited.

Built-in Page Templates

Over 80 templates provide an enormous collection of pre-defined sizes
for getting started quickly, including four-panel manga and multiple
postcard templates.

Additional Features of Manga Studio EX:

Vector Images

Original drawings in Manga Studio 3.0 EX are stored as
resolution-independent vector images which can be resized while
retaining maximum image quality. Raster to Vector Conversion makes it
possible to export bitmap drawings to vector images. The software's
vector-based native format can be written to JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA and
files as well as output to a printer.

Create Images from Photos and Images

The 2D Line Tone Rendering feature automatically converts images and
digital photos to lines and tones.

Import 3D Figures, Models and Backgrounds

The 3D Line Tone Rendering can import 3D object data files (LWO, OBJ,
DXF, LWS) for easy three-dimensional modeling and backgrounds.

The Action Palette

The Action Palette was designed to save time and tedious effort by
organizing multiple step operations into single-click commands for

Custom Tools Palette

Frequently used tools and menu commands can be saved in custom palettes
for easy access and uniformity.

Automatically Smoothes Lines

SHD (Super High Density) Technology corrects and adjusts shaky
hand-drawn lines, provides automatic anti-aliasing, smoothes jagged
lines and other imperfections in images for the ultimate clean,
professional look.

e frontier's CEO, Hiroshi Sato, said, "We are very excited to be
offering the number one manga software program to the Western markets.
It is a very timely release as manga is becoming very popular in the US
and Europe. This release also further shows our commitment to the
digital artist and the art and graphic markets."

TOYKOPOP Editorial Director, Jeremy Ross said, "We are proud to partner
with e frontier in bringing this essential software package to the US.
TOKYOPOP is committed to nurturing a new generation of manga artists
offering careers in creating manga that were never before available
outside of Asia. Manga Studio is a valuable tool for aspiring manga
artists to learn their craft and develop professional skills. Many of
our artists use it. As we move into the digital age of manga, not only
in print publication but online and on cell phones, Manga Studio files
give us the greatest quality, flexibility and compatibility for
professional multi-format publication."

Availability and Pricing:
Electronic downloads of Manga Studio 3.0 are now available in Windows
format with boxes available by the end of mid Feb 2006. The Macintosh
version of Manga Studio 3.0 is due to be released in late Feb. 2006.
Manga Studio can be purchased at reseller stores.

Pricing of Manga Studio 3.0 is as follows:

Manga Studio DEBUT: $49.99 (USD)

Manga Studio EX: $299.99 (USD)

For a limited time, Manga Studio EX upgrades are available for $199.99
to existing users of Poser and Shade direct from e frontier .

Educational users can purchase Manga Studio EX for $99.99 and Manga
Studio Debut for $29.99 thru authorized academic resellers.

Manga, comic and anime related web sites may sign up for e frontier's
affiliate program at



About e frontier, Inc.
e frontier, Inc., and its subsidiary companies develop and publish a
diverse range of software products worldwide, produce quality computer
graphic content and publish software-related books and magazines. The
company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with offices in Scotts Valley,
CA. For more information, visit www.e-frontier.com

TOKYOPOP is hailed as a leading youth-oriented entertainment brand and
an innovator of manga creation, with a revolutionary artistic vision
that transcends countless platforms. From the introduction of the
first-ever extensive manga publishing program in North America, to the
development of its manga-originated intellectual properties into film,
television and digital entertainment, TOKYOPOP has changed the way
experience pop culture. The company's global reach has expanded to
Europe and Asia, with recent offices opening in the UK and Germany and
upcoming partnerships in Australia and China, in addition to its
original Los Angeles and Tokyo operations. With millions of fans
onto www.TOKYOPOP.com , reading its
books, and watching its DVDs and television programs, TOKYOPOP's
award-winning catalogue of licensed and original properties has made
company a visionary in an ever-growing teen entertainment marketplace.
Visit www.TOKYOPOP.com for additional

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