Kappa Mikey Premieres on Nicktoons February 25

MTV Networks' First Global Acquisition to Roll Out Across Nickelodeon's
International Channels Beginning in May, 2006

NEW YORK, Feb. 6 -- Kappa Mikey, the first global acquisition
by MTV Networks, will debut on Nicktoons Network in the U.S. with two
half-hour, back-to-back episodes on Saturday, February 25 from 8:00 p.m. to
9:00 p.m. (ET). The new original animated comedy series was developed by
Nickelodeon and created and executive produced by Larry Schwarz of Animation
Collective. Beginning in May, Kappa Mikey will roll out across Nickelodeon's
international channels, including Nick Asia, Nick UK, Nick Spain, Nick France
and Nick Europe.
Kappa Mikey will premiere during the "Three-Headed Monster," Nicktoons
Networks' prime-time programming block from 7 p.m. to midnight, and will
encore throughout the weekend. As a special on-air event tied-in to the
show's debut, Kappa Mikey's main character, Mikey Simon, will host a series of
"behind-the-scenes" interstitials beginning Saturday, February 25. The hosted
interstitials will feature guest appearances from Mikey's co-stars and
first-look clips from the show.
Nicktoons Network's first original series, Kappa Mikey, is the only anime
television series created and produced in the U.S. (New York City) and not in
Asia. The 26-episode series is written like a sitcom and the story contains a
show within a show -- the episodes take place on and off the set of LilyMu, a
fictional Japanese TV series starring an unknown American actor named Mikey
Simon. Kappa Mikey contains many pop-culture references and jokes for kids
and adults alike.
"Kappa Mikey is a great addition to Nicktoons Network and Nickelodeon's
international channel's -- it is the type of show that supports our mandate to
deliver our global audience the very best compelling entertainment available,"
said Keith Dawkins, Vice President and General Manager, Nicktoons Network.
"We know that kids and adults around the world love anime, and we are excited
to bring them this quirky comedy."
"Written with colorful characters, fast-paced action and satirical comedy,
Kappa Mikey will have every kid and every adult anime fan excited to see
what's next for Mikey and his gang," said Larry Schwarz, Kappa Mikey's creator
and C.E.O. of Animation Collective.
A fish-out-of-water anime action comedy, Kappa Mikey chronicles the madcap
adventures of once-struggling American actor, Cleveland, Ohio native Mikey
Simon, as he adjusts to his new role as the biggest anime star Japan has even
seen. When he is recruited to join the cast of LilyMu, formerly Japan's
hottest anime TV series, his co-stars know immediately that he's the wrong guy
for the job. But, the audience disagrees, and suddenly Mikey is Japan's
newest rising star, rocketing LilyMu back to the top of the ratings. But fame
doesn't come without a price, and when he's not being chased down by the
paparazzi, Mikey must also find time to get to know his costars, adjust to
Japanese culture and learn to love life inside the fishbowl.
In the premiere episode, "The Switch," amateur American actor Mikey Simon
wins a contest that makes him the newest star of LilyMu, a popular Japanese
anime show. He leaps headfirst into his new celebrity life and almost burns
himself out before the first episode.
"Mikey Impossible," the second episode immediately following the premiere,
features a showboating Mikey when he accidentally destroys Ozu's beloved
500-year-old bonzai tree. Mikey and the gang must replace the tree before Ozu
returns from his vacation to the airport or Lily (their boss in loco) figures
out what's going on.
The theme song from Kappa Mikey is performed and created by Sony Music
Japan recording artists, Beat Crusaders. The band has managed to go from
darlings of the indie scene to major Top 5 success in a very short time. In
spite of having only made a major label debut in 2004, lead vocalist Toru
Hidaka has arranged and produced some of Japan's top musicians and supervised
the musical aspects of the hit Japanese animated series Beck.
Creator Larry Schwarz is the founder and CEO of Animation Collective, the
New York-based producer of children's programming for television, the Internet
and home video. He's the creator and executive producer of all of Animation
Collective's original television series including, Kappa Mikey, Thumb
Wrestling Federation, Leader Dog, and Tortellini Western for Nicktoons and
Ellen's Acres, HTDT, and Princess Natasha for Cartoon Network. In addition,
Schwarz served as producer of Wulin Warriors for Cartoon Network and the first
season of The Incredible Crash Dummies for the Fox Box.

New York City based Animation Collective
(http://www.animationcollective.com) is a leader in creating Flash-based
animation for television, the Internet, home video and feature films. The
company produces programming on a work for hire basis and develops and
produces original proprietary properties. The Incredible Crash Dummies, a
series produced by Animation Collective and 4Kids Entertainment is currently
running on the Fox Box on Saturday mornings. Leader Dog and Tortellini
Western, two original series produced by the company are currently airing on

Nicktoons Network, the 24-hour animation network owned by Nickelodeon,
features a wide variety of programming that have defined kids' and animation
lovers' television for more than 10 years. Targeting kids 6-14, Nicktoons
Network features programming that is 75% exclusive to the channel, including
Martin Mystery, My Dad the Rock Star, Corneil & Bernie, Kaput & Zosky and
Yakkity Yak, as well as classic Nicktoons hits like Ren & Stimpy, Invader Zim,
Ahhh! Real Monsters, SpongeBob SquarePants and The Fairly OddParents. In
addition, Nicktoons Network is home to award-winning shorts that helped
redefine kids' television.
Nicktoons Network currently reaches 36 million homes via cable, digital
cable and satellite, and can be seen on Cablevision, Charter Communications,
Comcast Cable, Cox Communications, DirecTV, DISH Network and Time Warner
Cable. Nicktoons, and all related titles and logos are property of Viacom,

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