TORONTO,CANADA, following the footsteps of the highly successful, looks to fill the void of anime trading with a safe, fair trading experience.'s aim was to provide a means for users to sample as many new games as possible, without being gouged by retailer's obscene used game systems, by trading amongst a community of friendly, like-minded gamers. It seems that gamers around the world are feeling iTradeVideoGames' vibe, as the first month of launch brought over 700 users together to perform over 500 trades, with more happening every day.

Since is such a success, the developers behind the site have decided to scratch another itch that affects a mass of users around the world; anime trading. is set to launch on February 1st, 2006 and ushers in a new era for anime lovers. Anime is amazing to watch, but can be quite cost prohibitive. Sadly, the used market for anime is highly restricted as well due to its high cost, relative rarity and niche user base. With, the site's creators hope to spark a new interest in the medium and provide users from around the world a way to meet, communicate and, above all, trade anime with each other while retaining some equity in their hard earned anime money. Registration is free, purchases require a mere one dollar US (in the form of an "iTrade" purchase) and selling is always free! On top of all this, those who have already signed up and have been trading away on need only log in with their same username and password on the site and their iTrades and iBucks will be synched between the two sites. This gives current and future iTrade members more value for their iBucks.

With the successful launch of ready to go, it looks as though mediaphiles from around the world have more exciting news ahead.

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