New Titles for Fall 2006 from Stone Bridge Press

Stone Bridge Press is pleased to announce 12 books for release in
Fall 2006. Some are new versions of old favorites, and others are
completely new or being released in English for the first time.

The Anime Encyclopedia, Expanded & Revised Edition
by Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy
Nov, $29.95, Paper, 7" x 9", 850 pp, 150 b&w illus, 1-933330-10-4
Bigger, better! This new edition follows the best-selling first
edition with hundreds of new entries and updates, now including
stand-alone entries on studios, creators, and anime history in Japan.
This is still the best single source for anime information.

Asia Shock: Horror and Dark Cinema from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, &
by Patrick Galloway
Nov, $19.95, Paper, 7" x 9", 248 pp, 50 b&w illus & photos,
Another film survey from the author of Stray Dogs & Lone Wolves, this
book focuses on Asian horror, exploitation, black comedy, arthouse,
supernatural, and psychological thrillers. Containing more than 50
reviews, half of them on 1950s-60s film classics, the rest of them on
contemporary film. The book is full of fan (and critics') favorites
including Ringu (The Ring), Ju-on (The Grudge), Oldboy, Battle
Royale, and The Eye. Asia Shock has overviews of genres, cultures and
tips on viewing. Illustrated.

Waiting on the Weather: Making Movies with Akira Kurosawa
by Teruyo Nogami with Foreword by Donald Richie
Sep, $24.95, Paper, 5.5" x 7.5", 304 pp, 24 b&w illus & photos,
Here are fascinating recollections of Akira Kurosawa, from the
production of his film Rashomon to his death in the 1990s, along with
insider details on how films were made and profiles of many other
Japanese film giants. Longtime assistant Teruyo Nogami affectionately
presents Kurosawa's genius and flaws (for example, his raging temper).

The Japanese Way of the Artist: Living the Japanese Arts & Ways,
Brush Meditation, The Japanese Way of the Flower
by H.E. Davey
Oct, $19.95, Paper, 6" x 7 7/10", 512 pp, 512 b&w illus & photos,
Here are three previous Stone Bridge Press titles repackaged and
photoreduced into a single volume. Covers the entire range of
Japanese aesthetic and meditative concepts, with two complete systems
of expression: calligraphy and flower arranging. Living the Japanese
Arts & Ways provides practical examples and exercises that show how
to incorporate the Ways into our daily lives and value systems. Brush
Meditation introduces beginners and non-artists alike to working with
brush and ink as a form of "moving meditation." The Japanese Way of
the Flower shows how simple Japanese flower arranging (ikebana)
techniques can be used to refresh the body and restore the spirit.

The Care and Use of Japanese Woodworking Tools: Saws, Planes,
Chisels, Marking Gauges, Stones
by Kip Mesirow and Ron Herman
Sep, $19.95, Paper, 8.5" x 11", 96 pp, 155 b&w illus, 1-933330-13-9
Reprint of a book published in 1975; elegantly illustrated with clear
procedures and methods for care of basic Japanese tools. Excellent
supplement and guide for specialist woodworkers and tool collectors.

Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By
by Leza Lowitz with illus. by Anja Borgstrom
Sep, $9.95, Paper, 5" x 7", 128 pp, 12 b&w illus, 1-933330-11-2
The 60+ simple poems in this book are windows into the
mind/body/spirit experiences that come about through yoga practice.
Each poem is named for a posture or breath exercise and is inspired
by the physical properties of the pose or some aspect of breathing
that led the poet to deeper understanding. Over 5,000 copies sold in
hardcover, and now this paperback is popularly priced with 2-color
printing throughout.

Kanji Starter 1 and Kanji Starter 2
by Daiki Kusuya
Sep, $9.95, Paper, 4.125" x 5.75",
KS#1: 200 pp, 200 b&w illus, 1-933330-14-7
KS#2: 208 pp, 300 b&w illus, 1-933330-15-5
Of the 8,000–10,000 characters in a kanji dictionary, 2,000 are for
"daily use." 200 (KS#1) and 300 (KS#2) of these are presented here
with simple drawings to help students remember them. Most of the
pictographs in this book are based on their historical development,
but some are not (the author created them). The goal is to understand
what a certain kanji character means rather than how it was derived.
An ideal book for beginners.

How to Take a Japanese Bath
by Leonard Koren with illus. by Suehiro Maruo
Sep, $9.95, Paper, 5.5" x 7", 40 pp, 12 b&w illus, 1-933330-08-2
This brief guide describes the 12 steps in taking a hot, sensual,
Japanese bath – including washing outside the tub and soaking and
relaxing. Since ancient times bathing in Japan has offered spiritual
contentment through the purification and cleansing of the physical
body. Drawn in an adult manga style by cult favorite Suehiro Maruo,
this book is a guide to exotic ritual as well as a curious objet.
Useful for travelers, but also for hedonists, hot tubers and fans of
stylish graphic art. 2-color printing.

Divining the Asian Zodiac: Ancient Guide to Life and Love
by Fumio Shiozawa
Dec, $18.95, Paper, 8.25" x 9.5", 128 pp, 80 color illus, 0-893469-49-1
Designed as a gift book but functioning like a horoscope, this
gorgeous approach to the Asian Zodiac looks at all 12 animal signs
with compatibility charts, fable origins, horoscopes, and uncannily
accurate personality profiles in full color! Fumio Shiozawa designed
the poster for Sting's Save the Rainforests campaign.

Vietnamese Fables of Frogs and Toads
by Masao Sakairi with illus. by Shoko Kojima
Nov, $16.95, Paper, 8.125" x 11.25", 32 pp, 30 color illus,
Meet a "frog princess" and her human husband, then a toad who uses
teamwork to save the day and get the gods to bring rain back to
Vietnam. Includes information on Vietnam with a map.

Vietnam Tales of Rabbits and Watermelons
by Masao Sakairi with illus. by Shoko Kojima
Oct, $16.95, Paper, 8.125" x 11.125", 32 pp, 30 color illus,
Meet a rather cunning rabbit in his days of finding dinner and
avoiding being dinner, and a faithful servant in exile who discovers
and shares watermelon with the rest of the world.

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