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Anime Mid-Atlantic Announces New Guest of Honor for
this year.

Richmond, Virginia � April 10th, 2006 � Anime
Mid-Atlantic is proud to announce our newest guest of
honor, Mr. Yasuhiro Koshi.

As more and more live action Asian cinema begins to
populate the US as well as the world, TenBu
Productions, Anime FX and Anime Mid-Atlantic would
like to present Mr. Koshi and his management/
production company �Big Fighter Project.� Many
Japanese action films as well as some American films
(Last Samurai) could not have been possible without
the tactical action advice of Mr. Koshi and his
Production Company B.F.P.

CEO Yasuhiro Koshi, is known as an actor and chief
advisor for action movies in Japan and the U.S. Using
his knowledge and experience as a former sergeant in
Japan�s Ground Self-Defense Force (i.e., Japanese
Army), he provides advice for battle action scenes
(e.g., how to hold and shoot guns), military roles
(i.e., military formation), weapon design, and so on.
He served as the chief military advisor and had guest
appearances in many movies, including �Battle Royal,�
(2000) �Returner� (2002), �Battle Royal II� (2003),
�Last Samurai� (2003),�Calamari Wrestler�
(2004),�Casshern,� (2004)� Devilman,� (2004), �Gozilla
Final Wars� (2004), �Ultraman� (2004), �Lorelei�
(2005), �Saikano: She�s the Final weapon� (2006), and
�Sukeban Deka,� (coming soon) which he has a major
role in.

Mr. Yasuhiro also works closely with the Japanese
anime and Jpop industry. B.F.P. has produced lots of
talented artists since 1996. Major artists of B.F.P.
are as follows: SALIA, a singer from the popular anime
�Cutie Honey�, �Vandred,� and the live action TV
series �Gao Ranger� ; New Jack Takuro, a singer for
the live action TV series �Dairanger� and �Dragon Ball
Z�; Funny stones, a cosplay music group; Ichigo-hime,
a rising star as a cosplay music group. Salia, New
Jack Takuro, and Funny Stones held two successful
concerts at Katsucon, in Feb 2006!!

About Anime Mid-Atlantic: Anime Mid-Atlantic is a
Regional Anime convention held once a year in
Richmond, Virginia in the month of June. It has a
growing attendance and is quickly becoming one of the
top anime conventions in the area. It has a close
working relationship with other conventions such as
Katsucon, Magfest, and Nekocon and is expanding its
programming to include Asian cultural events.

Once again, Anime Mid-Atlantic is proud to announce
our newest guest of honor, Mr. Yasuhiro Koshi.

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