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San Jose, CA – August, 2006 Manga publisher - DrMaster Publications Inc. give buyers and readers a timely heads-up regarding JUNK, the upcoming manga by acclaimed comic creator Kia Asamiya!

It's nearly complete!! The sci-fi action thriller – JUNK has deftly leaped from publication limbo with a confirmed release date. JUNK vol. #1 will be on store shelves in December 2006! “We're so excited to offer this great series from such an international comic creator.” says Marketing Director Shawn Sanders. “Kia Asamiya is one of so few creators who can boast of his success on both sides of the Pacific - from Steam Detectives to his work on X-Men, Asamiya-san has garnered fame and prestige on a global scale.

Here's the skinny…

Hiro is a high school student refusing to go to school after a traumatic run-in with the local bullies. But his feeble life is forever changed when, one day, he applies online for a new gadget called “JUNK”. Once the mysterious package arrives, he activates the gadget and finds himself encased within a powered armor JUNK suit. Apparently “the clothes DO indeed make the man” as Hiro is granted abilities far beyond anything the muscle-bound jocks at his school could ever dream. Soon after, he embarks on nightly rampages getting back at the bullies and destroying property until he discovers…. There is another with a unit nearly identical to his own. The owner of the other JUNK suit is a woman who's not too keen on Hiro's abuse of his new super-powered threads, and smacks him around real good for it. To complicate matters even further, he accidentally destroys his home and kills his parents! (oops!) Now, a naïve boy must learn to fend for himself and choose to use his power for good or evil.

About the Author:

Creator - Kia Asamiya is a highly accredited comic creator in both Japan and USA. From his work on Marvel's X-men (Marvel), Batman (DC) to greats like Martian Successor Nadesico, Silent Möbius (Japan/USA via Viz Media) Steam Detectives and even Star Wars Episode One Manga, Asamiya-san has managed to mount a formidable following on several shores.


JUNK #1 ships in December 2006. Each 200-page graphic novel will be priced at $9.95. Visit www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information.

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