Hirameki to Release Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards

Sales Date Set for Hirameki International's Newest Title,
"Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards"

"Yo-Jin-Bo" is a tale of action and romance set in ancient Japan, in the age of samurai and shoguns. The story follows the adventures of Princess Hatsuhime, who is caught up in a dangerous political intrigue, and the samurai who must protect her and defeat the evil that threatens their clan. The game is meant for players age fifteen and up, and although it was designed for a female audience, there's plenty here for boys to enjoy as well.

In Japan, "Yo-Jin-Bo" is not just a computer game; because of its incredible popularity, it was made into a graphic novel and a musical, and this October, it will be re-released as a PlayStation 2 game so that it can reach an even wider fan base. Outside of Japan, "Yo-Jin-Bo" also enjoys a following in China, where a Chinese-language edition was released. Given the game's enthusiastic reception, there are already rumors of a sequel.

One of the many attractions of "Yo-Jin-Bo" is the catchy rock-musical style soundtrack, which features some of Japan's most famous voice actors. The three heroes are played by Masakazu Morita (Ichigo in "Bleach"), Hiroki Takahashi (Kikumaru in "Prince of Tennis"), and Hideo Ishikawa (Itachi in "Naruto"). Many other top-class voice actors appear as noble samurai, villainous ninjas, and more, bringing the world of the game brilliantly to life.

Hirameki International is proud to bring this outstanding game to the American market. Sales of the American edition of "Yo-Jin-Bo" will begin on October 30; for more details, please see our website at http://www.hirameki-int.com.

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