Unicorn Table and MAI at Anime FX Akibafest


SPRINGFIELD, VA – December 27, 2006 – Anime FX is pleased to announce that at this years Cosplay Contest there will be live performances from Japanese Jpop stars, UNICORN TABLE (Jinki:Extend/School Rumble) and Jpop Cosplay Idol MAI. The contest will also have a $300.00 (US) top prize and is presented by TENBU PRODUCTIONS.

For years Anime FX has held an annual cosplay contest at its Springfield, Virginia based Asian entertainment store. The popularity of this event, which attracts attendees from all over the country, has forced Anime FX to create a new event division called “Akiba Fest” and move the location of the event to a bigger and better venue, the Hilton Springfield, in Springfield, Virginia. This annual event is in its fourth year of success, and new for this year Anime FX along with TenBu Productions will host a dance and two concerts involving Japanese singers “unicorn table” and Mai. This years contest will be an up scaled gala event sponsored by KJ SCION of Springfield, Virginia and feature among other things a free Asian themed buffet and shuttle service for local metro users provided by the eccentric car club SCION EVOLUTION!

unicorn table” is a popular Japanese pop rock group now gaining fame in America after the U.S. release of the anime "Jinki:Extend" which features their hit song "Fly Away" as the opening theme. They also gained popularity from hit promotional songs for the anime "School Rumble". Comprised of two talented veterans of the Japanese music industry, unicorn table's debut album "uncountable" was an instant hit in Japan and is compiled of solidly produced tracks that are hip, energetic yet raw with a style all their own. Composer and producer, Shingo, creates complex layers of electronic instrumentation and samples - while offering strong usage of alternative rock rhythms and grooves. Singer and song writer, Salia ("Cutey Honey", "Vandred"), offers complete vocal tracks and lyrics that do nothing short of compliment every song on the album. Always a crowd favorite in Japan, unicorn table are pros at offering a fun and energetic show! This event will be unicorn table's debut in America!
Their popular debut album "uncountable" featuring songs from "Jinki:Extend" and "School Rumble" will be available for sale during the event.

A bilingual rising Cosplayer, J-pop Singer, model and costume designer, Mai broke into the Japanese entertainment industry from behind the scenes doing costume design, modeling and make up. Mai is known for her unique costume designs and intricate hair and make-up work that have become her own signature look that takes on a Gothic Fantasy motif. Mai most recently designed the outfits for the 2006 Suzuka Taikyu Racing Team - one of Japans most famous pro racing teams - and has been featured as their premier Race Queen Idol. She is currently becoming one of Japan's top models and is rapidly breaking into the Japanese Anime scene through Cosplay and singing.
Another one of Mai's talents and loves is Hip Hop dancing, a passion that earned her Second place in one of Japan's top Hip Hop Dancer's competitions. But over all, Mai's true talent is her versatility that is displayed in her modeling where she fits perfectly into any roll presented to her and her ability to speak both English and Japanese.

ABOUT ANIME FX: Anime FX has been under its current ownership since 2003. They are a retail and rental outlet out of Springfield, Virginia that has a focus on Asian events and Pop Culture. Recently Anime FX has created a new division, Akiba Fest, to manage all of their events that are gaining more popularity. Throughout the year Anime FX hosts a variety of cosplay contests, cultural exchanges, gaming competitions and more recently Japanese guests. With the creation of Akiba Fest to manage all of these events the next year should be even more amazing! For more information please visit: www.afxsales.com.

ABOUT TENBU PRODUCTIONS: TenBu Productions is an entertainment venture created by US Anime industry veteran, artist and Anime FX store owner, Austell "Graphik" Callwood. Most recently known for his new manga, “Cove Pirate Mercenary”, Austell has built TenBu as a unique production studio and entertainment company focusing on the promotion of Eastern entertainment and culture to international markets. As a production studio, TenBu brings animation, manga and film concepts to life through its professional and creative production team. The entertainment licensing arm of the company specializes in the exclusive distribution of Asian music, videos, and entertainment merchandise in the U.S. market. TenBu also promotes and exports in-house talent and products to international markets. For more information please visit: www.tenbuproductions.com.

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