Mari Iijima will be performing at this year's Tekkoshocon on Saturday

Mari Iijima is best remembered in the Anime community as the Japanese
voice of Lynn Minmay from Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

Mari Iijima is an accomplished singer and songwriter who has released
numerous top 10 albums through Victor Entertainment Japan and Warner
Music Japan. She wrote all of the music for her critically acclaimed
debut album Ros�, which was produced by renowned composer Ryuichi

Throughout her career Mari has worked with the music industry's
greatest musicians including Alan Parson's Project, Toto, and members
of the John Mayer Band. Her 2004 release, "Wonderful People" was a
smash hit and stayed on the top of an Indie album chart for over 5
consecutive weeks.

Mari has won several awards including the FM Osaka Best New Artist
Award and the Japan Audio Society Golden Jubilee Award 2 years in a
row, which is voted on by both Japanese & American judges. She was
also nominated for the 2000 Los Angeles Music Awards Best Pop Artist
Award for her first independantly released album No Limit. At the 2006
Just Plain Folks Music Awards Mari won a Best Song Award for her song
"Unspoken Love" from her album Wonderful People.

In addition to singing and songwriting Mari has also appeared in film,
television, and on radio in both Japan and the U.S. In 2004 Mari
starred in the short feature film Green Tea-r and also wrote and
performed the film's theme song, Petal. Green Tea-r won the top honor
of Grandprix at the Takazuka Film Festival in Japan,Silver Screen
Award at US International Film & Video Festival, and was shown at the
Berlin Film Festival. Most recently Mari played Lynn Minmay in the
animated series Super Dimension Fortress Macross, making her the first
actor to voice the same character in both English and Japanese.

In November 2006 Mari released her 20th studio album, Uncompromising
Innocence, which she wrote, arranged, and produced herself, with
collaborative contributions from David LaBruyere (John Mayer Band),
Michael Chaves (John Mayer Band, Low Millions), and Mick Karn (Japan,
Dali's Car).

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