Organic Hobby USA: T.O.P Collection No.1 “Mazinkaiser” – 8” PVC Figure, No.2 “Shin Getter 1” – 6.5” PVC Figure

Organic Hobby, Inc in conjunction with Happinet proudly introduces its two new products for the U.S. market, T.O.P Collection No.1 “Mazinkaiser” & T.O.P Collection No.2 “Shin Getter 1.”

"Mazinkaiser" is a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series of the same name, based on Go Nagai's Mazinger Z and featured in the 2001-2003 mini-serie and movie Mazinkaiser. Within the story, Mazinkaiser was created by Professor Juzou Kabuto and piloted by his grandson Kouji. "T.O.P Collection No. 1 - Mazinkaiser" is a 8" tall PVC figure fully painted and comes in a window box.

- "T.O.P Collection No.1 :: Mazinkaiser" is set to be released in November with a SRP of $88.00.

"Shin Getter 1" is originated from an original video animation (OVA) "Shin Getter Robo" released in 1998 by Bandai Visual, based on the manga and anime series Getter Robo, created by Go Nagai. "T.O.P Collection No.2 - Shin Getter 1" is a 6 ½" tall PVC figure fully painted and comes in a window box.

- "T.O.P Collection No.2 :: Shin Getter 1" will also be released in November with a SRP of $82.00.

Organic Hobby is one of the largest Hobby and Toys makers/manufacturers in Japan and is also very popular for its specialty in "Anime & Manga" industry. Organic Hobby, Inc (U.S Office) is introducing these and other unique products based on J-POP culture to U.S. markets and customers. All of our company's product can be found throughout our official distributors such as AAA Anime, Diamond, Double Dragon, Entertainment Earth, BBCW, Yes Anime, etc...

For more information, call Stephane at (310) 575-3084.

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