is Now Hosting Anime Blogs, Updated Daily is happy to announce that it started hosting anime-related blogs from different individuals from the anime industry!

5 different unique blogs will be updated weekly, 5 days a week!
From Monday to Friday, fans will see at least one new entry every single day!
Fans can submit comments and suggestions to any of the blogs! ( blogs are fully moderated. Comments are posted on permission basis.)

We are planning to make this blog space a place where we can exchange comments and opinions with fans!

1. store manager's diary
2. Notes on the anime business in the US and Japan market by Bandai Visual USA president Tatsunori Konno
3. Behind-the-scenes news and information of the Japanese and US industry insiders
4. Observation of fan activities in the US
5. Recommendations of new anime titles and merchandise around, but not limited to moe, hot out of Japan


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