Cosmode Now Digitalized, Gives Cosplayers and Fans Worldwide Access to Top Cosplay Magazine

TOKYO, Japan (April 8, 2008) OverDrive, Inc. has announced the release of COSMODE Online, a digitalized English edition of COSMODE magazine.

COSMODE Online provides photos, tutorials, news, lifestyle tips, and etc. for cosplayers and fans of cosplay. It differs from other Japanese magazines which have been translated because it keeps all the original Japanese text. To read the content, users will move their mouse over the Japanese text area and the English text will appear in a rollover text box.

"The kanji, kataka, hiraga, and alphabet combination in Japanese text is very unique and beautiful," said Ted Harada, President of OverDrive, Inc. "Changing that to only alphabet would ruin the look and style of the magazine. Think of it as a subtitled magazine not a dubbed one. Something only available in a digital magazine�."

A free prerelease issue is scheduled to be released on April 25, 2008. An introduction issue of COSMODE Online is available now at

About COSMODE Online
COSMODE Online, the digitalized English version of COSMODE, was created in response to the rapid increase in the cosplay culture worldwide. Using cutting-edge technology, COSMODE Online provides a new way to read translated materials without losing the Japanese style.

Born in Japan, the heart of cosplay, COSMODE is a specialized magazine that covers the latest trend in cosplay. Always fully loaded with the news and topics they want to read, cosplayers continue to love and support COSMODE and is now Japan's top cosplay magazine boasting the most copies in circulation.

About OverDrive, Inc
In June 2006, OverDrive, Inc was created to spread the �gcool Japan�h culture worldwide. OverDrive provides otaku and Japanese subculture related news and information to companies worldwide. OverDrive�fs �gCool Japan�h web mall provides consumers a place to get their Japanese character goods at Japanese prices.

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