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Works To Unite Fans Over Serious Issue

Boston, MA – April 21st, 2008 – Save Our Anime ( has opened it's doors to all fans who are concerned over the current state of the industry. We have all heard the news claiming that the industry is in trouble and could very well crash in the near future. Many of us are unsure what we can do to help. The purpose of Save Our Anime is give these fans a place to get information about what they can do, as well as keep them up to date on current events. We also hope to give a voice to the concerned fans and show the industry the most powerful source of help is the fans themselves.

Save Our Anime currently contains information on what exactly is causing the anime industry problems, as well as reasons and ways to help. It also contains a forum where people can voice their opinions, as well as further suggestions as to how to help. This will help bring the fans together and give them a unified voice to fight back and help protect the thing they are fans of, anime.

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