Drmaster Publications & Flash Frame Omake Proudly Present the Yasushi Suzuki Art Exhibit

SAN JOSE, CA – May, 2008 – DrMaster Publications Inc., DGN Productions Inc. and Flash Frame Omake are proud to present the Yasushi Suzuki Art Exhibit. This event in itself is a milestone in the career of this highly regarded video game concept designer, as it marks the first time that his art work will be displayed publicly outside of Japan. The exhibit is being hosted by Anime North, one of North America's largest and highly attended anime conventions.

Yasushi Suzuki is a widely recognized name in the video game industry, due to his work as a concept designer at TREASURE, one of the most respected video game developing companies from Japan. His art has been used in a number of high profile gaming titles which include Radiant Silver Gun, IKARUGA and Sin & Punishment, just to name a few. Sin & Punishment, a game that was originally released on the Nintendo 64, in 2000, has seen a resurgence in fandom, due in part to Nintendo making the game available for download off their Wii Virtual Console. Yasushi Suzuki's concept design work on video games garnered him a lot of attention and praise from fans in Japan, and it was not long before his name began to ring bells with people overseas.

In search of more freedom and flexibility with his craft, Yasushi Suzuki decided to go freelance after a number of years of work at various gaming companies. His decision could not have been made at a better time, as he was now both mentally and artistically prepared to venture into new areas with his art. Under the pen name “D-Suzuki”, he has been an active graphic designer and illustrator in Japan, lending his talents to a number of different forms of media.

He collaborated with Softbank Creative on two short comic series, Phantoms: Soul in the Cage and Phantoms: Fiery Twin Souls. The unique gothic art style of Phantoms pleased the appetites of his current fans, while winning over new ones that had previously not been exposed to his work. In 2007, DrMaster Publications announced that Yasushi Suzuki was creating an entirely original work, titled Purgatory Kabuki. The project was to be his first full–length manga; so naturally, fans and industry alike were very excited about the forthcoming publication. What was even more surprising than the announcement itself was news that DrMaster was planning to publish Purgatory Kabuki in English first, which is unheard of in the manga industry.

His work has also graced the covers of various fantasy and sci-fi novels in Japan, for authors such as Kazma Sinjow, Hidehiko Maki, Tatsuaki Ishiguro and Kyoko Hino. Suzuki-san also provided cover illustrations for the Japanese version of A Song of Ice and Fire, by New York Times bestselling author, George R.R. Martin. Konami, a powerhouse in the video game industry, contracted Suzuki-san to do promotional art work for their PlayStation 2 title, Zone of Enders: The Second Runner. Those who are unfamiliar with his work will also find quite a few illustrations by him in the Duel Masters trading card series, which is known globally as one of the most popular trading card games.

In the summer of 2007, DrMaster released The Art of Yasushi Suzuki. The publication was a full-color, soft cover art book that consisted of a total of eighty-four pages. It compiled various art works throughout his career as a graphic designer and illustrator. A number of original illustrations were included in the art book, as well as these extras; a foreword by Dave Halverson (Editor in Chief of Play Magazine), a sneak peak at Purgatory Kabuki, as well as interviews with Yasushi Suzuki. The art book is still widely available, and for fans of his work, or rather anyone who appreciates great art, this publication is a must have!

The Yasushi Suzuki Art Exhibit will be the feature attraction at the 12th Annual Anime North Art Show. The art pieces featured in the exhibit are taken from various works by Yasushi Suzuki, and include his artistic and design contributions to video games, as well as other media he has illustrated for. There will also be exclusive illustrations from the recently announced Goths Cage on display. Since this is the first time that Yasushi Suzuki's art work is being displayed outside of Japan, it is a must see event for anyone planning to attend Anime North!

Special Thanks To:

Yuki Chung (DrMaster Publications)
A-run Chey (Flash Frame Omake)
David Federman and Joe Markovic (Anime North)

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Goths Cage
ISBN: 978-1-59796-157-8
Price: $12.95
Format: Hardcover/ Full Color

Purgatory Kabuki volume 1
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Price: $9.95
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The Art of Yasushi Suzuki
ISBN: 978-1-59796-069-4
Price: $26.95
Format: Paperback/ Full Color

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