Intermixi Japan Tours and Tokyogetter Pay Homage to Old-School Fandom with the "Show Us Your Dubs" Contest

Japanese travel company teams with extreme culture purveyors to acknowledge the oft-ignored roots of North American fandom.

LOS ANGELES, CA - September 3, 2008 - In celebration of's upcoming Tokyo Game Show tour, America's leading Japanese pop-culture travel company has paired up with the irreverent webstore to run a contest celebrating the source of modern fandom: the old-school VHS tape. Prizes include shirts from Intermixi and Tokyogetter, as well as Tokyogetter stock, custom-shopping coupons, and various other special prizes which will be announced at a later date. has always been about promoting Japan and every facet of the culture, not just the glossiest new idol or the shiniest robot toy. Standard analog video cassettes were the lifeblood of anime for well over a decade, and trading and collecting them exposed wave after wave of great shows to people all across the globe who had the willingness to investigate the once-secretive "underground" phenomenon of anime. In keeping with that philosophy, participants are asked to send in their best photo of their VHS collections along with their name and contact information. Stack 'em high and get your cameras clicking! Extra points for those of you with mammoth black walls of plastic goodness!

Contestants are asked to submit their photos to [email protected] . The cut-off date will be October 6th, right before Intermixi ships off to Japan for the awe-inspiring Tokyo Game Show. For those of you interested (and who wouldn't be?), don't worry! There's still a bit of time to join Intermixi's Tokyo Game Show 2008 tour, so please contact IM via their website. Tokyogetter will continue to provide updates, blog posts, pictures, and everything else that they can organize with regard to the jaunt both on their store blog and on intermixi's site in the interim. It's going to be a good one, as always.

Isaac Lew, Intermixi: "I happened to be talking with Evan (Tokyogetter) about how I used to dub VHS back in the day. Evan's from Houston and was an 11 year-old kid when ADV started, so he knew what was up with collecting tapes and trading with people back before stores or the web. Now it's just a dark black dusty wall in one side of my home, but it brought about Intermixi and my continued interest in Japan. This, if anything, is more of cultural experiment."

Evan Jones, Tokyogetter: "I'm a fan and a pack-rat, so you better believe I have quite a few tapes lying around from the 80s and 90s. As much as I get excited about seeing my friends' DVD stacks, there was something really striking and exciting about getting some 3rd generation tape in the mail from goodness-knows-where back in the day before you could even dream of buying it. I think a lot of us fans remember that period really fondly, and we want to salute that spirit."

ABOUT INTERMIXI: Intermixi Japan Tours was established to provide both the casual and intermediate traveler an alternative, pop culture-based look at the "Land of the Rising Sun." While not ignoring the cultural history of Japan, Intermixi Japan Tours shows you the side that you will never see anywhere else. Intermixi Japan Tours' current yearly schedule includes trips during the summer, fall, and winter season. Please contact us via our website at for special tour inquiries.

ABOUT TOKYOGETTER: Founded in July 2006 in Kumamoto City, Tokyogetter was originally a post-business school experiment for a group of language students. Now headed by journalist and researcher Evan Jones (, False Prophet Campaign,, Oriental Cinema Magazine, TV Tokyo, etc.), Tokyogetter simultaneously employs a small staff of associates in Japan and America who provide customers all over the world with extreme culture goods from the streets of Japan.

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