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Yumemiru Musical Paradise Event Welcomes Iconic Designers Angelic Pretty and Gothic Folk Duo Kokusyoku Sumire

California-based Lolita Fashion Collective Cosplay Oneesan will host celebrated Japanese clothing label Angelic Pretty and eclectic New Classical ensemble Kokusyoku Sumire at "Yumemiru Musical Paradise" an exclusive event at Los Angeles' Kyoto Grand Hotel, Nov 8-9, 2008.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Oct 16 ,2008 -- Cosplay Oneesan will host Yumemiru Musical Paradise, an all Lolita fashion event featuring Angelic Pretty and Kokusyoku Sumire band members, Sachi and Yuka, as guests of honor. A celebration of Lolita fashion, lifestyle and community, this will be the first event of its kind held in the US. American Lolita enthusiasts will be able to purchase clothing and accessories from the popular Sweet Lolita brand Angelic Pretty. The label's Magical Boutique, a treasure trove of lace, frills and ribbon, will be open for guests to peruse at their leisure. The event will also feature the first US performance by Kokusyoku Sumire, whose unique blend of traditional and avant-garde Japanese music has cultivated a devoted following both at home and abroad.

For the uninitiated, Lolita fashion is a Japanese subcultural phenomenon, that is distinctive for its intricately crafted, historically influenced clothing. While there are many subgroups within Lolita fashion, designs are invariably bold, eccentric and unashamedly cute. The fashion has inspired a whole lifestyle in and of itself in both Japan and abroad. Cosplay Oneesan is a community-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Lolita Fashion in the US. Brought together by a shared love of high-quality lace and oversized bows, Oneesan members seek to preserve the integrity and the independence of this comparatively new movement.

“I believe, like with any subculture, evolution is inevitable,” contends Cosplay Oneesan member Lynda Leung, a force within the US Lolita community for over ten years. "However, Lolita fashion is still in its early stages, and is extremely vulnerable to influences who may not appreciate the nuances of this self-contained movement. There are entities who would seek to exploit the popularity of Lolita fashion and do not care about its long term prosperity. We are holding this event to encourage Lolitas to remain independent of these influences, and we hope to guide the fashion in a direction that remains authentic to its origins.”
Cosplay Oneesan's event will be a rare opportunity for US Lolita enthusiasts to purchase from Angelic Pretty's coveted Magical Boutique. The majority of the brand's merchandise is only available in Japan, and is relatively difficult to acquire internationally. An iconic name among Sweet Lolita devotees, Angelic Pretty emphasize depictions of childlike innocence and are famed for their innovative fantasy themes.

Formed in 2004, Kokusyoku Sumire (Japanese for Black Violet) are a musical duo who combine classical Japanese opera and folk styles with a modern Visual Kei-inspired twist. Multi-instrumentalists Yuka and Sachi are model poster girls for the Lolita movement, both in their highly stylized appearance and their fondness of fairytales and traditional Japanese folklore. With an eclectic sound that draws from many musical genres, Kokusyoku Sumire will treat guests to the enchanting spectacle of their live show, and undoubtedly add to their rapidly growing international fanbase. The band will be building on the success of their 2007 appearances in France with their debut performance in the US.

About Cosplay Oneesan:
Founded in 2004, Cosplay Oneesan (NPO) is the premier Gothic & Lolita fashion event company in America. Our focus is on forming communities that are self-sufficient and non-profit based to enhance and enrich the enjoyment of their participants, by creating and sponsoring large scale events that bring Japanese fashionable culture to America in an unadulterated, true to it's roots format.

Cosplay Oneesan's website is www.cosplayoneesan.org.

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