Japanese Fantasy Artists Create Original Works for Alteil.Com's Child's Play Charity Card Sale

Every year Penny Arcade runs a charity drive for the patients in Children's Hosipitals, and this year Alteil.com is getting in on the giving. Alteil is a Japanese online card dueling game brought to the USA by AnimeWorks and Media Blasters. To raise money, we're commisioning four top Japanese fantasy artists to create original works for a 4-card postcard set. The postcard set is available for sale at www.alteil.com. Here is the scoop on the artists:

"Magic Sword Dual-Wielder" by Hideyuki Takenami
Anime: Futari wa Precure, aka We are Pretty Cure, (character design), Sakura Taisen
Manga: Mitsumete Knight - Another Story -
Video Games: Puyo Pop Feaver , Sakura Taisen
Illustration for light novel: Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

"Djinn" by Junichi Fujikawa
Examples of his work can be found here: http://homepage3.nifty.com/devilkitten/shigoto.html

"Annarose" by Kinu Komada
He was an artist on the popular Japanese game Lord of Vermillion.
his site http://ginmoku.hp.infoseek.co.jp/

"Zagar" by Nariann (aka Nariga-Ann)
Worked on the Gurren Lagann card game, Duel Masters, and Monster Hunter

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