Guide of Service "The Great Catalog of Manga"

The first Multilingual Translation Service "The Great Catalog of MANGA " which contains manga information on over 20,000 titles is now available in English.

Readers visiting The Great Catalog of MANGA can find information on over 20,000 titles and sort through the collection by usual categories such as by authors and newly arrived titles.

In addition, readers from English speaking countries can also search titles by what's most popular, best sellers by decades, and out of print books in both Japanese and English.

Visitors can even sort by daily, weekly, and monthly sales results if they desire. In total, visitors to the online catalogue can view selections by choosing from more than 500 different categories. Each title allows readers to download free samples of 25 to 100 pages. In addition to our editor's daily manga recommendations, we also provide series of articles from famous manga commentators. The articles explain Japanese manga culture along with it's history, and how the ideas of some of the best selling mangas got started.


The Great Catalog of MANGA outlines Site: Manga catalog in English and Japanese

Opening: November 13, 2008


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