Tainted Reality Presents Takuya Angel at Anime Matsuri for DJ Set and Fashion Show

February 19, 2009 - Japanese fashion legend Takuya Angel, will be making his US Debut as both a clothing designer, and a DJ at Anime Matsuri in The Woodlands, Texas, courtesy of Tainted Reality. His appearance at the convention includes a DJ set at the convention rave, and several of his personally designed outfits being featured in the convention fashion show. In addition to these main events, he will be participating in autograph sessions, fan Q&A panels, and selling merchandise, including his debut CD being released through Darkest Labyrinth Records.

About Takuya Angel:

Takuya is a respectable fashion designer and DJ who is capturing the hearts of the visual and cyber generation. Born in Osaka, Japan in 1967, Takuya always wanted to create something different and unique. He thought it should be possible to combine old Japanese fashion with modern Japanese fashion. Takuya Angel clothes and accessories are a huge combination of colors, patterns and shapes. Traditional and modern materials put together in a stylish way with wild exotic colors that will blow you away. In 1985, Takuya started the original brand Takuya Angel wanting to bring Japan back into fashion, and he followed his artistic instincts to create an amazing line that has captivated the eye of not only the Japanese crowd, but all around the globe. Takuya's inspiration came from various sources, such as bringing old Kimonos into the 21st century, taking inspiration from his own environment, historical events, childhood, and anime. Takuya looks beyond what is
right or wrong, and all of his ambitions and efforts have made him the Takuya of today.

Takuya started playing as a DJ in 1986, and worked on many different genres. Takuya himself is a huge techno fan, and creates his own club music. In 2007, Takuya toured outside of Japan and played shows in Paris, Germany, Holland, England, Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium. Takuya collaborates often with the Tokyo Decandence, one of the hottest events in Tokyo, and participates in special club nights where he often DJs.

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About Anime Matsuri:
Anime Matsuri is a Houstonbased convention dedicated to anime, manga, gaming and Japanese culture. Continuing to combine many aspects of the Japanese culture to its line-up, Anime Matsuri 2009, held on April 10-12, 2009, features Import Reactor (a rooftop Car Show), an outdoor theater, and a wide range of cultural activities. Once a year, the beautiful Woodlands area turns into a world of anime, a meeting place for thousands of fans, enthusiasts, celebrities, industry personnel and artists. Anime Matsuri is an annual Anime and Japanese Pop Culture convention held in Houston, Texas. The 2009 convention will be held on Easter weekend, April 10th – 12th, 2009at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center.

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About Tainted Reality:
Tainted Reality is the premiere source of Japanese rock (J-Rock) entertainment in the United States. Tainted Reality hosts their own internet radio network dedicated to Japanese musical programming and produces radio shows such as Tainted Reality & The Tainted Reality Talkshow. Tainted Reality often conducts interviews with some of the biggest musical artists of Japan like Yoshiki of X Japan, Die of Dir en grey, Miyavi and MUCC. They also manage and organize tours for prominent J-Rock bands such as BLOOD, Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-, The Candy Spooky Theater as well as producing media such as the Darkest Labyrinth Vol.1 DVD and the Darkest Labyrinth CD.

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