Yuki Kajiura's New Project, Kalafina Making a Great Debut in the U.S.

Kalafina has just finished their U.S. debut concert at Anime Boston with a great success!!
While the concert hall was packed with people, Kalafina performed a full set of 12 songs including the song “sprinter” from the film “The Garden of Sinners”.

The climax of the concert was when their producer, Yuki Kajiura appeared on stage as a special guest during the encore and performed 2 songs live along with Kalafina.
The fans were wildly excited, as this was rather an unusual surprise. It was the first time for Ms. Kajiura to perform live with Kalafina on stage!

The group & Ms. Kajiura also held an autograph session after the concert, where over 250 fans gathered from all over the U.S. and some even from Canada or Finland!

Kalafina is on the plane at this moment, back to their trip out to Japan, where they'll continue on their busy schedule in their home country.
Starting from an appearance at Yuki Kajiura's special event in Tokyo coming up next Sunday, the group will be releasing another new single, and continue to perform in various venues all over Japan.


■Kalafina official website

■”The Garden of Sinners” official website

■1st Album “Seventh Heaven” is now available on iTunes!!
Released 05/12/2009
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