Read/Watch/Listen: Otaku Play

We are glad to announce the launch of the new Otaku Magazine issue, which has the theme Play.

"Serious play represents a feature of any otaku's activity. Basically you play, but you do it with the greatest dedication, seriousness and interest. We don't want to be the prisoners of the industries that bet on our ability as playful mammals, but we desire to know them and explore their limits. Otaku PLAY explores the universe of players and play of all kinds. How and when you play. What you learn while playing and where do you risk arriving when you remain blocked within the same play."

Below you'll find a link to a slideshow of the magazine, a preview to the DVD content and the A2-format poster by EbOY, which come as a bonus together with the magazine.


Language: English
Number of pages: 132
Size: A5
Bonus: interactive DVD (over 50 8-Bit artists, indie games and extra content)
Bonus: NYC, A2 poster by EbOY

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