Crunchyroll Continues Streaming Tai Seng Entertainment Dramas and Adds the Martial Arts Theater Collection

Leading Content Provider and Distributor of Asian Motion Pictures and Television Adds More Content on the Number One Online Destination for Anime and Asian Entertainment

San Francisco, CA (June 8, 2009) — The number one (1) online destination for anime and asian content, Crunchyroll and Tai Seng Entertainment continue streaming the remaining episodes of last week's launched highly popular modern drama and launches three (3) new titles from the “Martial Arts Theater” collection. More information can be found at

Titles that are/will-be-shortly streaming for free on the highly popular and legal site include:


These titles are available to all Crunchyroll fans and members residing in the U.S., American Samoa, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and Virgin Islands.

Title Synopsis:

Kwok Siu Tin and Yeung Tit Sum's assistance to Yau Chu Kei, a Taoist priest, in fighting against the Kam army unfold the tragic fate befallen them. The Kam Prince falls for the beauty of Sum's wife. In order to have her as his wife, he must do away with Sum and Tin. Tin is killed and his wife is lucky to have escaped to Mongolia, where she gives birth to her song Ching (Wong Yat Wah). Eighteen years later, Ching, together with the Seven Grotesques, goes south to the mainland. There he meets with Wong Yung where their romance begins. Ching meets with Hung Chat Gong, the North Beggar, and Chow Pak Tung, the aged mischievous child, and they pass onto him their supreme Kung Fu. After succeeding Gong as the leader of the leader of the Beggar's Clan, Yung returns to her home on the Peach Blossom Island with Ching. They are stunned at seeing five of the Seven Grotesques lying dead on the Island. Ching is mad and condemns Yung's father, Wong Yeuk Shi, the East Infidel, to have killed his teachers. Meanwhile, the great event in the martial arts world, the Kung Fu Masters Meet, is also approaching. Kung Fu masters from every corner of China gather at the Peak of Wah Shan to stand trial. The five Kung Fu supermen, the East Infidel, West Venom, South King, North Beggar, and Aged Michievous Child are all present. Who will be the chief? hecondorheroes

Wai Siu Po (Leung Chiu Wai) grew up in a brothel in Yang Zhou with his mother. One day, he is caught by the old eunuch (Lau Siu Ming) and sent to the Palace for helping the Universal Clan. There he gets to know the emperor - Hong Hei (Lau Tak Wah), and the two become good friends. Po Helps Hei stamp out the treacherous minister and has become an extremely highly regarded official. The leader (Tsang Kong) of the Universal Clan is so impressed by Po that he takes him as his secret follower. And when Po is asked to kill Hei, he is put in a dilemma.

Po enjoys indulging his passion for girls and he has seven wives. After Hei has stamped out the rebellions in different provinces, he requests Po to destroy the Universal Clan. Po realizes only then that Hei has in fact learnt of his secret for quite some time... ountdeer

Tai Seng Entertainment "Martial Arts Theater" collection

It's mainland Chinese Shaolin martial arts mayhem galore in this exciting kung fu thriller! When a young warrior is being hunted by an evil general for a crime he did not commit, he decides to fight back with his only weapon - his supreme knowledge of Tai Chi! Starring real-life kung fu masters, SECRET OF TAI CHI is old style fighting at its best!

While returning from their fishing chores, two sisters rescue Chang from drowning. Upon realizing that Chang is also a good fighter, the sisters reveal how their town had been ravaged by thugs led by Kang (The legendary Lo Lieh from FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH). As gratitude for saving his life, Chang promises the sisters to take out Kang and his gang. SECRET OF THE CHINESE KUNG FU will have fans thirsty for more!

When three evil gangs of thugs take over a town and kill one of the residents, the victim's brother vows to use his Thunder kung fu to free the village from the crooks' tyranny. Co-staring Bolo Yeung from Bruce Lee's ENTER THE DRAGON, THUNDER KICK is thundering, old school kung fu fighting at its best!

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