Comments from Kalafina, New Releases, and "Kuroshitsuji" Event

Kalafina is now back in Japan with many activities/info to follow!
From their recent first overseas performance @ Anime Boston, Kalafina has received numerous positive feedbacks!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support.

They really seemed to had a great time & experience in Boston, stating that it was like a “dream”.
Feeling nervous behind stage preparing for their MC in English, and being close to crying to hear the roar of applause & cheers…
It was really an intensely deep time and such a wonderful experience, says Kalafina looking back to their first U.S. performance.

“The beautiful streets and the buildings in Boston really fit with our music”,
“And not to forget the great food we had! From clam chowder to lobster, ravioli, hamburger, French-fries and ice cream!” Kalafina continued, exploring the “American food” culture.

Below is a message from Kalafina to all the fans in America. In English!

Thank you for inviting us.
I really enjoyed!!
I had special experiences here.
Boston became one of my favorite place.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
Thank you so much!!


■Kalafina's new single “storia” will be released July 1st!! (Japan only release)
“storia” is greatly featured on NHK (Japanese national public broadcasting channel) show, “Rekishi Hiwa Historia”.

■Also, Kalafina's producer, Yuki Kajiura is in charge of all the music for this history program, which the original soundtrack album will be released August 26th!!

NHK “Rekishi Hiwa Historia” Original Soundtrack
Music: Yuki Kajiura
Release Schedule: 8/26/2009 (SME Records)
“Rekishi Hiwa Historia” website:

■Kalafina will make an appearance at the “Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) “ event in Tokyo along with the voice actors from the series!!

Date: 6/14(sun)
Venue: Tokyo International Forum


■Kalafina official website

■”The Garden of Sinners” official website

■1st Album “Seventh Heaven” is now available on iTunes!!
Released 05/12/2009
(P) SME Records Inc.

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