Class of Heroes Graduates, Now Available in Select Retailers across North America; Parents Proud

Expect the diploma in 3-5 weeks
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- JUNE 16, 2009 -- Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that Class of Heroes™, the first-person dungeon crawler for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system that has been known to give players euphoric, uncontrollable flashbacks to the era of old-school CRPGs, is now available in select retailers across North America. The game, an homage to the genre classics, brings expansive character and party customization options and deep, involved dungeon crawling to PSP system owners.

"Atlus has long demonstrated its dedication to the full spectrum of role-playing gaming, and Class of Heroes continues that tradition, following in the path of other recent first-person dungeon crawlers like Etrian Odyssey™ and The Dark Spire™," stated Aram Jabbari, manager of PR and Sales. "PSP system owners have waited a while for this kind of old-school CRPG experience; that wait is over."

Class of Heroes is now scheduled for release on June 9, 2009 with an MSRP of $39.99.

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About Class of Heroes
Long ago, without reason or explanation, the mysterious labyrinths came to be, and the world was changed forever. In a constant state of flux, they sprawl across the world like a web, connecting towns and villages, mountains, lakes, and deserts. Many adventurers delved into these labyrinths dreaming of riches, and those fortunate enough to return did so with amazing stories and unimaginable treasures. It was only natural that the children of the world began to look upon these heroes with unconditional admiration, eager to follow in their footsteps. And so, academies for adventurers were born.

Particus Academy may not be the first such school, but we certainly endeavor to be the best! Here at Particus, we strive to equip young men and women with the tools they'll need to become full-fledged adventurers. Bravery, spellcraft, swordplay, 101 ways to avoid dying a horrible death... These and many other lessons and skills await prospective students! We hope your studies here are as enriching and productive as you've dreamed they would be.

Key Features
· Over 500 character possibilities -- 10 races, 2 genders, 3 alignments, and 15 majors add up to incredible opportunity to customize your party! Change majors for further customization at higher levels.
· 80 hours of classic dungeon crawling -- This is as classic as dungeon crawling gets in an ever-changing 3-D labyrinth containing more than 75 maps full of puzzles, traps, and treasure. Battle hundreds of monster types and uncover over 1300 item types.
· Flexible alchemy system -- Offering more than 400 recipes, this system allows you to synthesize new items from random components found in the labyrinths, as well as customize your weapons' attributes, range, and strength.
Class of Heroes has been rated "T" for Teen with Alcohol Reference, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, and Mild Suggestive Themes by the ESRB

About Atlus U.S.A., Inc.
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