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Anime has continued to be one of the top genres on the Hulu service over the last year, with Naruto Shippuden currently ranking as the 15th most popular series on Hulu. Today, we continue to build out our anime library with the additions of two films, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and Kite: Liberator, with more anime coming later this month.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles is based on the popular U.S. anime series from the '80s, Robotech. In the year 2044, the human race has traveled through space with the help of "Robotechnology," but not before starting an intergalactic war on Earth.

Directed by Yasuomi Umetsu, Kite: Liberator is the sequel to KITE, the controversial 1998 anime film also directed by Umetsu. The anime thriller follows the footsteps of a young assassin named Monaka who becomes a feared and highly-skilled contract killer known as the Angel of Death.

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