Projekt MUSE Launches Web Manga, Website

LOS ANGELES, August 18, 2009 – Projekt MUSE Consortium, the creative team behind the Projekt MUSE mixed media franchise is pleased to announce the launch of the Projekt MUSE website and Web Manga. Following the latest trend of publishing manga directly to web, this military and science fiction themed action comedy is a mixed-media collaboration between Lone Wolf, illustrator and character designer and Darold Higa, the creator and writer.

“The Projekt MUSE universe is where cute girls battle against alien invaders with retro mecha, in an alternative history World War 2 setting, “describes Dr. Higa

Dr. Higa's artist collaborator, Lone Wolf, has this to say, “It's an honor to be working with Dr. Higa and on a project that includes some of my favorite genres. Plus…you just gotta love gals in uniforms!”

Projekt MUSE story synopsis:
“On the evening of 01 September 1939, a pillar of light struck the Earth like a giant spear from the heavens. Landing somewhere between Berlin and Warsaw, the Tower appeared suddenly, cutting off all communications with the area near its base, annihilating anyone approaching it. The German Union, (an alliance of Prussia, Bavaria, Austria and a number of smaller German states) launched an attack against the invaders, only to be quickly repelled. Around the world rivalries and hatred are put aside as humanity unites to face these mysterious invaders who seem unaffected by Earth's most advanced weapons. As the world plunges into war, Wilhelmina, Adalwolfa and Brunhilde learn about a secret project launched by Wilhelmina's father, Baron von Schwarzenberg, that could be humanity's only hope for survival. Music school students, ancient artifacts, supersecret weapons and a crazy scientist are all that stands between the forces of the Tower and the rest of the world. Welcome to Projekt MUSE.”

Future plans for the Projekt MUSE franchise include novels, artbooks, print manga, Drama CDs, and other projects. Official launch date for the web manga is August 24th and will be featured on: HYPERLINK ""

About Darold Higa

Darold Higa is a video game producer who has worked on everything from console and handheld games to theater-sized mixed reality training simulators for the US military. Prior to joining the computer game industry, he was a lecturer teaching International Relations research methodology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles and a M.A. and Ph.D. in International Relations with an emphasis on International Security and International Political Economy from the University of Southern California's School of International Relations.

Dr. Higa's personal interests include history, science fiction, strategy games, manga and Japanese animation. He has served on the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation's (SPJA) Board of Directors and as Convention Chair for AnimeExpo where he has interacted with members of the animation industry from around the Pacific Rim, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and government officials. He is also founder and contributor to (, an anime, manga and game lifestyle blog.'

About Lone Wolf

With a B.A. in illustration and graphic design, Lone Wolf has been working professionally as an illustrator for the past decade. She currently works as a 2D and 3D concept artist.
Back in college she had aspired to get into the US animation industry however, her involvement with the organization, Anime Expo and SPJA, would prove to be a stepping stone in motivating her to pursue a career within other aspects of the Entertainment industry aside from animation. In the past, she had worked with Mattel, Sony Pictures Mobile, Anime Expo, Crave Entertainment, Bandai America and Bandai Entertainment Inc.

Specializing in character concepts as well as some mecha design, LW sometime finds her inspiration from her love of motorcycles as she is also a certified Yamaha and Suzuki technician. With her knowledge of motorcycle mechanics, she admitted to the enjoyment of creating characters that are mechanically inclined.

LW Admits, “I love creating all types of characters but I have an affinity for characters who are complete motorheads such as myself.”

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