DreamHack Welcomes Saitone and JulieHally with Open 8Bit Arms

Yokohama, Japan - November 25th, 2009. Two of the best chiptune acts in Japan will be playing live at one of the largest LAN parties in the world this November.

DreamHack is a giant LAN (local area network) party in Sweden that features video game competitions of all sorts, as well as a place for like-minded people to gather and connect. Since the early '90s the event has gradually grown, eventually setting the Guinness World Record for attendance for such an event in 2007 with over 10,500 computers!

Eventually DreamHack began running more than one event a year. This year's 2009 Winter DreamHack will be host to both Saitone and JulieHally from Vorc Records. Saitone has released many albums with HearJapan, including a two song tribute to Michael Jackson. Hally from JulieHally is a true chiptune pioneer, having been a champion of the music since it first formed in the '80s. He went on to form VORC.org, a site for the chiptune community to talk about and share their low-bit creations. Julie is an idol, graphic artist, and an iPhone application producer. In 2006, her photo collection, "Samurai Girl" reached number one slot for books on Japan's Amazon ranking.

Saitone and JulieHally will appear at DreamHack's winter 2009 event in Sweden on November 26th. Check out their music on HearJapan and hear what the future sounds like today!


Saitone - Thriller (Saitone 8bit tribute):


Saitone - Smooth Criminal (Saitone 8bit tribute)


JulieHally - 256 e.p.


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