Master Chief Takes the Fight to the Covenant in the Third "Halo Legends" Preview Episode," "The Package"

Exclusive preview this Saturday only on Halo Waypoint and Xbox LIVE

The “Halo” universe's most iconic figure embarks on a harrowing mission in the third preview episode of the epic anime saga, “Halo Legends.” Created by Casio Entertainment and visionary director Shinji Aramaki, part one of “The Package” will be available exclusively on Halo Waypoint for only 24 hours this Saturday, Dec. 5.

The story follows Master Chief and four specially selected Spartans as they launch out on a stealth cruiser into the heart of a massive Covenant fleet in a bid to recover a valuable intelligence asset.

This episode will prove that Spartans are just as adept fighting in zero-G and piloting never-before-seen light attack vehicles as they are on the ground. Once Master Chief locates the target he and the remaining Spartans blast their way on board, where the action gets hand-to-hand as they fight through an army of Covenant troops in order to recover the most important Human intelligence resource there is.

“The Package” will be previewed in two parts, with the conclusion of the story scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 12. Tune in for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of “The Package” on Saturday, Dec. 19, in which Aramaki and his team recount their work on “Halo Legends.” A full schedule of upcoming “Halo Legends” 24-hour exclusive previews is below:

Episode and Airing Date (24-hour)
“The Package” Part 1 - Dec. 5, 2009
“The Package” Part 2 - Dec. 12, 2009
Making of “The Package” - Dec. 19, 2009
“Origins” Part 1 - Jan. 2, 2010
Making of “Origins” - Jan. 9, 2010
Trailers of upcoming episodes - Feb. 2, 2010

For insight into the creative process behind the “Halo Legends” anime films, see this press release for a new Q&A with “Halo” franchise development director Frank O'Connor.

Produced by 343 Industries and created by a group of renowned anime studios, “Halo Legends” will be distributed by Warner Home Video on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital formats on Feb. 16, 2010.

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