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Halo Legends (OAV)

Have you seen this? want to / seen some / seen all

Alternative title:
Легенды Хало (Russian)
ヘイロー・レジェンズ (Japanese)
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: An anthology collection of seven stories from the Halo Universe.
User Ratings: 244 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 12 votes (dub:11, sub:1)
 Excellent: 28 votes (dub:20, sub:6, ?:1, others:1
1 Spanish dubbed
 Very good: 36 votes (dub:19, sub:15, others:2
1 Spanish subtitled
1 German subtitled
 Good: 75 votes (dub:38, sub:33, ?:1, edit.dub:1, others:2
1 Russian dubbed
1 French dubbed
 Decent: 50 votes (dub:34, sub:14, others:2
1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled
1 French dubbed
 So-so: 20 votes (sub:10, dub:10)
 Not really good: 10 votes (dub:7, sub:2, ?:1)
 Weak: 7 votes (sub:4, dub:3)
 Bad: 4 votes (dub:4)
 Awful: 1 vote (dub:1)
 Worst ever: 1 vote (sub:1)
Seen in part or in whole by 484 users, rank: #2182 (of 9676)
Median rating: Good
Arithmetic mean: 6.783 (Good−), std. dev.: 1.7666, rank: #4757 (of 9804)
Weighted mean: 6.672 (Good−), rank: #5056 (of 9804) (seen all: 6.71 / seen some: 5.51 / won't finish: 5.31)
Bayesian estimate: 6.713 (Good−), rank: #4563 (of 7428)
Number of episodes: 8
Episode titles: We have 8
2010-02-16 (Germany)
2010-02-16 (Japan)
2010-02-16 (USA)
2010-02-20 (Australia)
2010-02-20 (UK)
Release dates: We have 1
Links: We have 1
News: Show:
Other articles: Show:
[en] Hey, Answerman! (Jun 12, 2010)
[en] ANNCast - NISA Explains It All (Feb 18, 2010)
[en] Hey, Answerman! (Jan 8, 2010)
[en] Hey, Answerman! (Nov 20, 2009)
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Blu-ray (Region A)
    Halo - The Complete Video Collection (Blu-ray) 2017-10-31 (from $29.36)
    Halo Legends (Blu-ray) 2010-02-16 (from $3.69)
    Halo Legends (Blu-ray) 2018-02-13 (from $16.72)
    Halo Legends [Walmart Exclusive] (Blu-ray) 2010-02-16
DVD (Region 1)
    Halo - The Complete Video Collection (DVD) 2017-11-28 (from $27.52)
    Halo Legends (DVD) 2010-02-16 (from $13.85)
    Halo Legends (DVD) 2018-02-13 (from $9.99)
    Halo Legends [Special Edition] (DVD) 2010-02-16 (from $3.48)
    Halo Legends [Special Edition] [Target Exclusive] (DVD) 2010-02-16

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Chief Director: Frank O'Connor
Daisuke Nishio (Odd One Out)
Hideki Futamura (Origins I & II)
Hiroshi Yamazaki (The Duel)
Kōichi Mashimo (Homecoming)
Kōji Sawai (Homecoming)
Mamoru Oshii (creative director; The Duel)
Shinji Aramaki (The Package)
Tomoki Kyoda (Prototype)
Toshiyuki Kanno (The Babysitter)
Yasushi Muraki (Prototype)
Dai Satō (The Package)
Daisuke Nishio (Odd One Out)
Eiji Umehara (The Duel)
Hiroshi Yamazaki (The Duel)
Hiroyuki Kawasaki (Homecoming)
Megumi Shimizu (The Package)
Naruki Nagakawa (The Package)
Ryan Morris (The Package)
Daisuke Nishio (Odd One Out)
Hideki Futamura (Origins)
Hiroshi Yamazaki (The Duel)
Kōji Sawai (Homecoming)
Tomoki Kyoda (Prototype)
Yasushi Muraki (Prototype)
Eiko Kio (The Duel)
Tetsuya Takahashi (The Package)
Yasuharu Takanashi (The Duel)
Character Design:
Hideki Futamura (Origins)
Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru (Odd One Out)
Kazuchika Kise (The Duel)
Manamu Amasaki (Homecoming)
Narihito Sekikawa (The Duel)
Shūkō Murase (The Package)
Tomoaki Kado (Homecoming)
Toshiyuki Kanno (The Babysitter)
Tsunenori Saitō (Prototype)
Art Director:
Hiroshi Katō ("Origins")
Hiroshi Sasaki ("The Babysitter")
Masanobu Nomura ("The Duel")
Mitsuki Nakamura ("Odd One Out")
Toshihisa Koyama ("Homecoming")
Yumiko Kondou ("Prototype")
Animation Director:
Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru (Odd One Out)
Tatsuhiko Tachibe (The Package)
Tomoaki Kado (Homecoming)
Tsunenori Saitō (Prototype)
Yūji Hakamada (Odd One Out)
Mechanical design:
Atsushi Takeuchi (The Package)
Hiro U (The Package)
Shiho Takeuchi (Prototype)
Shinji Aramaki (The Duel)
Tomoaki Kado (Homecoming)
3D Director:
Atsuki Sato (The Package)
Teruaki Shiraishi (The Package)
Sound Director:
Masanori Tsuchiya (Homecoming)
Tōru Nakano (The Package)
Yukio Nagasaki (The Duel)
Keiichi Sugiyama (Origins II)
Takahiro Tanaka (Origins I)
Executive producer:
Hiroyuki Seshita (The Package)
Kōichi Mashimo (Homecoming)
Kōzō Morishita (Odd One Out)
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (The Duel)
Eiko Tanaka (Origins and The Babysitter)
Hideaki Muraoka (Homecoming)
Koji Murakoso (The Package)
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (Homecoming)
Rui Kuroki (The Duel)
Satoshi Okano (The Package)
Yoshi Ikezawa (Odd One Out)

2nd Key Animation:
Hisayoshi Hayashi (Origins II)
Masaaki Susowake (Origins II)
Risako Yoshida (Origins II)
Toshiharu Kudō (Origins II)
Action Coordination: Kazuki Tsujimoto (The Package)
Action Designer:
Tomoki Kyoda
Yasushi Muraki
Kōsuke Miyazawa (The Package)
Kozo Fukuyama (The Package)
Pascal LeGuino (The Package)
Yasuaki Sato (The Package)
Yuki Date (The Package)
Animation Check:
Hiromi Masahiko (Prototype)
Keiko Yoshizawa (Odd One Out)
Masae Motohashi (Odd One Out)
Animation Finish: Fumiko Nakahita (Prototype)
Animation producer:
Hidetoshi Kobayashi (Origins)
Kunitoshi Yamada (Origins)
Rika Hitakada (The Babysitter)
Animation Producer (Studio 4℃): Manabu Ohtsuka
Animation Supervisor:
Hideki Futamura (Origins)
Manabu Akita (Origins II)
Takahiro Tanaka (Prototype)
Toshiyuki Kanno (The Babysitter)
Art Manager: Satomi Katou (Homecoming)
Art Setting: Kazu Nagai (Prototype)
Assistant Animation Supervisor:
Jirō Kanai (The Babysitter)
Mami Yamaguchi (The Babysitter)
Ryōta Furukawa (The Babysitter)
Sayo Aoi (The Babysitter)
Tsutomu Matsūra (The Babysitter)
Tsuyoshi Kuawahara (The Babysitter)
Assistant Art Director:
Akihiko Yamaguchi (Odd One Out)
Fumie Kawai (Homecoming)
Assistant Director:
Shingo Uchida (The Duel)
Yoshihisa Sasaki (The Package)
Yūya Takahashi (Odd One Out)
Assistant In-Between Supervisor:
Yuka Saitō (Origins I)
Yukari Kaku (Origins I)
Assistant Production Manager: Yūsuke Hata (Odd One Out)
Assistant Sound Mixer:
Fumie Ishikura (Prototype)
Naomi Hayashi (Odd One Out)
Assistant Visual Effects Producer: Fumishige Hokama (The Package)
Audio Coordination: Rika Hatakeda (Origins & The Babysitter)
Background Art:
Akane Iwakamura (Origins II)
Atsushi Satomi (The Duel)
Azusa Kakoi (Origins I)
Hideaki Fujimaki (The Duel)
Hidetsugu Takahashi (Odd One Out)
Hiromasa Ogura (Origins II)
Hiroyuki Itō (The Babysitter)
Ikuko Tsukidate (Homecoming)
Junnko Nagasawa (Homecoming)
Kaoru Aoki (The Duel)
Kenichi Kurata (Origins II)
Masanori Nishiyama (Origins II)
Matoko Watabe (The Babysitter)
Michiyo Miki (Odd One Out)
Mika Nishimura (Origins II)
Miki Tanaka (Odd One Out)
Naoki Aoyama (Homecoming)
Naoko Yanagita (Origins I)
Norika Kinoshita (The Duel)
Norimitsu Kobayashi (Origins I)
Seung Hyun Lee (Origins II)
Shin Watanabe (Homecoming)
Shinichi Koono (The Duel)
Shinji Kimura (Origins II)
Shino Ohara (Odd One Out)
Sho Nakahara (Homecoming)
Shuichi Tsuji (The Duel)
Takashi Honda (Odd One Out)
Takayuki Kotani (Origins II)
Takayuki Nakata (Origins II)
Tshihiko Goto (The Duel)
Yasunori Hishinuma (Homecoming)
Yoshimi Umino (Homecoming)
Yoshito Takamine (The Duel)
Yusuke Ikeda (The Duel)
Yusuke Yanagisawa (The Babysitter)
CG Producer: Takeshi Himi
CGI Animation:
Chiaki Imanaka (The Babysitter)
David James Henderson (The Babysitter)
Emiko Saiki (The Duel)
Gento Fujiwara (The Duel)
Haruka Shinada (The Duel)
Hiroki Morikawa (The Duel)
Hiroki Takemoto (The Duel)
Hiroshi Maruyama (The Duel)
Hiroto Narita (The Duel)
Katsumi Nagai (The Duel)
Kazumi Ozahata (The Duel)
Kazuya Yamanaka (The Duel)
Kensuke Saitō (The Duel)
Kouiti Mizuno (The Duel)
Kousyun Tamura (The Duel)
Michiko Hirokawa (The Duel)
Naoki Sakurai (The Duel)
Nobou Hosoyama (The Duel)
Nobuaki Ebihara (The Duel)
Ryou Kishimoto (The Babysitter)
Ryuichirou Yokoyama (The Duel)
Shunsuke Watanabe (The Babysitter)
Takahiro Nowatari (The Duel)
Takahiro Satonaka (The Duel)
Takemasu Itou (The Duel)
Takeshi Harada (The Duel)
Takuma Sakamoto (The Babysitter)
Takumi Sakai (The Duel)
Takuo Tsubata (The Duel)
Tomoyuki Tanoi (The Duel)
Toshiharu Katayama (The Duel)
Toshinori Takata (The Duel)
Tsukasa Tominaga (The Babysitter)
Yoshihiro Komatsu (The Duel)
Yuka Ōno (The Babysitter)
Yukihiko Nishitouge (The Duel)
Yukiko Yano (The Babysitter)
Yusaki Ono (The Duel)
Yusuke Korenaga (The Duel)
Yusuke Tannawa (The Babysitter)
Yuusuke Takase (The Babysitter)
CGI Design:
Kouichi Nobuta (The Duel)
Masudo Tomoko (Odd One Out)
Shigeru Araki (The Duel)
Shuichi Heishi (The Duel)
Sohei Keitoku (The Duel)
Yoshitaka Matsuura (Odd One Out)
CGI Manager:
Kentaro Morshita (The Duel)
Mayuko Umemoto (Odd One Out)
Character Modeler:
Atsushi Kurata (The Duel)
Keisuke Keboushi (The Duel)
Kenji Tsujimura (The Duel)
Mario Yoshitake (The Duel)
Masahiro Hiroaka (The Duel)
Masahiro Mizobuchi (The Duel)
Nao Nashida (The Duel)
Takehiko Hoashi (The Duel)
Tatsuro Goda (The Duel)
Tetsuya Okuno (The Duel)
Tomohiro Yonemichi (The Duel)
Toshiyuki Sugioka (The Duel)
Yasuhito Sakabe (The Duel)
Chief Production Manager:
Atsushi Shinikawa
Fuko Noda
Chief Technical Director: Taiji Okusawa (The Package)
Color Check: Hanae Yokota (Homecoming)
Color design:
Makiko Kojima (Homecoming)
Miyuki Itō (The Babysitter)
Shihoko Nakayama (Prototype)
Shiori Furusho (Origins I)
Tsutomu Tsukada (Odd One Out)
Wakako Takahashi (Origins)
Yūko Fujita (The Duel)
Color setting: Makiko Kojima (Homecoming)
Creative Supervision:
Mamoru Oshii
Shinji Aramaki
Design: Aitor Gaston (The Package)
Design Assistant: Yuichiro Hayashi (The Babysitter)
Dialogue Recording:
Hiroyuki Satō (Origins & The Babysitter)
Kōhei Ōishi (Origins & The Babysitter)
Digital Art:
Akira Sugimoto (The Package)
Hiroki Satō (The Package)
Digital Composite:
Atunori Shingawa (Odd One Out)
Ayumi Kamo (Homecoming)
Eiji Arai (The Duel)
Eri Ohtsuka (Homecoming)
Hinori Takagi (The Duel)
Jun Arai (The Duel)
Kunji Nakamura (Odd One Out)
Masayuki Kurosawa (Homecoming)
Misaki Horiuchi (Homecoming)
Mitsuhiro Kubo (Odd One Out)
Wataru Satō (Homecoming)
Yasuyo Yaegashi (Homecoming)
Yuichiro Okano (Odd One Out)
Yusuke Okamoto (Homecoming)
Digital Paint:
Akane Yoshioka (Homecoming)
Alex Antonio (Odd One Out)
Alex Palbarica (Odd One Out)
Alex Recario (Odd One Out)
Antonio Pascua (Odd One Out)
Carlito Cruz Jr. (Odd One Out)
Chie Iwamoto (Homecoming)
Emelyn Berns (Odd One Out)
Eric Garduno (Odd One Out)
Kumiko Sone (Homecoming)
Makiko Yamanaka (Homecoming)
Masakazu Hotta (Odd One Out)
Peter Paul Galang (Odd One Out)
Randy Mony (Odd One Out)
Stellmar Aplon (Odd One Out)
Taeko Mizuno (Homecoming)
Yuki Moriyama (Homecoming)
Yuki Tonegawa (Homecoming)
Yuko Hamada (Homecoming)
Display Designer: Gaku Nakata (The Package)
Junichi Uematsu (The Duel)
Mutsumi Takemiya (Origins)
Ryuji Miyajima (The Package)
Editing Assistant:
Taeko Hamauzu (The Duel)
Yoshinori Murakami (The Duel)
Graphic Director: Shunsuke Watanabe (The Babysitter)
In-Between Animation:
Atsuko Morimoto (Homecoming)
Brian Julius Tibi (Odd One Out)
Danny Austria (Odd One Out)
Francis Cayetano (Odd One Out)
Hiroko Takahashi (Origins I & The Babysitter)
Hiromi Masahiko (The Babysitter)
Hiromi Yoshida (The Babysitter)
Hisashi Mawatari (Odd One Out)
Jerome Padre (Odd One Out)
John Masangca (Odd One Out)
Jojo Valdovino (Odd One Out)
Juan Orensen (Odd One Out)
Kazune Sugano (Origins I & The Babysitter)
Keiko Anno (The Babysitter)
Kiyoko Makita (The Babysitter)
Mari Fatumatsu (The Babysitter)
Marilou Cabarl (Odd One Out)
Masako Yumoto (Homecoming)
Megumi Sugawa (Homecoming)
Miho Imoto (Homecoming)
Miki Kurihara (Origins I & The Babysitter)
Miwa Tsurumi (Homecoming)
Moe Tanaka (The Babysitter)
Noriko Hara (The Babysitter)
Ritsuko Tanaka (Origins I & The Babysitter)
Rowena Coquia (Odd One Out)
Shūhei Tsukakoshi (Homecoming)
Yumiko Taguchi (Origins I & The Babysitter)
In-Between Check: Ritsuko Kondō (Homecoming)
In-Between Supervisor: Mutsuko Kajigaya (Origins II & The Babysitter)
Key Animation:
Akio Matuo (The Babysitter)
Akira Ono (The Babysitter)
Asuka Shinbo (Homecoming)
Ayano Shimizu (The Babysitter)
Daisuke Niinuma (Origins I & The Babysitter)
Daisuke Niitsuma (The Babysitter)
Emi Honda (Homecoming)
Etsuko Kawano (Prototype)
Hideki Kakita (Origins I)
Hideoki Kasuma (The Babysitter)
Hidetsugu Itō (Prototype)
Hiroaki Imaki (Odd One Out)
Hirofumi Masuda (Prototype)
Hirofumi Nakata (Origins I)
Hironori Tanaka (Prototype)
Hirotaka Nii (The Babysitter)
Hiroyasu Oda (Prototype)
Hiroyuki Ochi (Origins I)
Hitoshi Inaba (Odd One Out)
Jirō Kanai (Origins)
Kaichiro Terada (Prototype)
Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru (Odd One Out)
Kazunori Akiyama (The Duel)
Ken Mori (Prototype)
Ken Ōtsuka (Prototype)
Kenji Mizuhata (Prototype)
Kenta Nozawa (Prototype)
Kiichi Takaka (The Duel)
Kiyoshi Tateishi (Prototype)
Kōichi Arai (Prototype)
Kōichirō Kawano (Origins)
Kou Yoshinari (Prototype)
Kumiko Katō (Homecoming)
Kyouhei Tezuka (The Duel)
Manabu Akita (Origins)
Manamu Amasaki (Homecoming)
Masaaki Susowake (Origins I)
Masako Yumoto (Homecoming)
Miho Imoto (Homecoming)
Mitsunori Murata (The Babysitter)
Mitsuo Tano (The Babysitter)
Miyako Shishikai (Odd One Out)
Motoki Yagi (Odd One Out)
Mutsumi Sasaki (Homecoming)
Naoki Yoshibie (The Babysitter)
Naotoshi Shida (Odd One Out)
Nobuaki Tanaka (Odd One Out)
Nobuyuki Iwai (The Babysitter)
Noriko Tsutsumiya (Homecoming)
Osamu Ishikawa (Odd One Out)
Risako Yoshida (Origins)
Ritsuko Kondō (Homecoming)
Ryo Hokama (The Babysitter)
Ryōta Furukawa (The Babysitter)
Ryūji Shiromae (Prototype)
Satomi Kani (The Babysitter)
Satomi Naitou (Homecoming)
Satoshi Sakai (The Babysitter)
Satoshi Shigeta (Prototype)
Sayo Aoi (The Babysitter)
Shiho Takeuchi (Prototype)
Shingo Fujii (Prototype)
Shinji Itadaki (The Duel)
Shinji Osada (The Babysitter)
Sōichirō Matsuda (Prototype)
Souichirou Sako (Origins I)
Takashi Hashimoto (Prototype)
Takashi Manaka (Odd One Out)
Takashi Tomioka (Prototype)
Tatsuo Yamada (Odd One Out)
Tomoaki Kado (Homecoming)
Tomomi Kamiya (The Babysitter)
Toshiyuki Kanno (Origins & The Babysitter)
Toshiyuki Yahagi (The Duel)
Tsutomu Matsūra (The Babysitter)
Tsuyoshi Kuwahara (The Babysitter)
Yasuhiro Aoki (Origins)
Yasushi Muraki (Prototype)
Yoshiaki Kyougoku (The Duel)
Yoshikazu Tomita (Odd One Out)
Yoshinobu Ando (Odd One Out)
Yoshiyuki Ito (Prototype)
Yūichirō Yamada (The Babysitter)
Yuji Hakamata (Odd One Out)
Yūki Kawashima (Prototype)
Yukiko Kobayashi (The Babysitter)
Yūko Yamada (The Duel)
Yumi Chiba (The Babysitter)
Yutaka Nakamura (Prototype)
Yuuga Tokuno (The Duel)
Layout: Toshiyuki Kanno (The Babysitter)
Lead Digital Artist:
Itsune Sugiyama (The Package)
Kakeru Yamada (The Package)
Sinnosuke Abe (The Package)
Line Art:
Haruka Kusaba (Origins I)
Osamu Masuyama (Origins I)
Yūji Kaneko (Origins I)
Yuki Fungakure (Origins I)
Line Producer: Masahiko Minami (Prototype)
Matte Artist: Ryoko Sano (The Package)
Mechanical animation Director: Shiho Takeuchi (Prototype)
Monitor Work: Kanetake Ebikawa (Prototype)
Motion Capture Director: Sakura Munakata (The Package)
Motion Designer: Shinjirō Nagao (The Package)
Motion Director: Shinjirō Nagao (The Package)
Music Co-Arranger: Naoyuki Horiko (The Duel)
Music Editing: Sayaka Mizuno (Odd One Out)
Rumi Ishiguro (Prototype)
Yū Wakabayashi (Prototype)
Power Suit Designer: Shinji Aramaki (Prototype)
Previsualization Director: Hiroshi Murakami (The Package)
Production Assistant:
Eriko Nakayama (The Package)
Masaharu Sumihara (The Duel)
Takashi Matsui (Prototype)
Yoshimasa Toda (Prototype)
Production Design:
Hideki Futamura (Origins)
Shinji Aramaki (The Package)
Takashi Watabe (Origins)
Production manager:
Katsuhiro Kurmoto (Homecoming)
Keiichiriou Tanaka (Prototype)
Makoto Sekiya (The Package)
Miho Shizuka (Origins)
Naoki Takahashi (The Package)
Naoya Amada (The Babysitter)
Sayao Nakayama (The Babysitter)
Takaharu Kondo (The Package)
Yoshiaki Yanagi (Odd One Out)
Production Supervision: Kenichi Isaka (The Package)
Prop Supervisor: Keiichi Yamaguchi (Odd One Out)
Property Master: Gen Ito (The Package)
Recording Mixing: Masanori Tsuchiya (The Package)
Sequence Supervisor: Kenji Yamada (The Package)
Set Design: Akihiro Hirasawa (Odd One Out)
Set Design Supervisor: Keiichi Yamaguchi (Odd One Out)
Sets And Props Artist:
Ayumu Hasegawa (The Package)
Hiroki Asanuma (The Package)
Masatoshi Ito (The Package)
Minori Aoyagi (The Package)
Takehiko Hoashi (The Package)
Toshihaki Matsumura (The Package)
Smoke Effects Editing: Tekeshi Yamazaki (The Package)
Sound Design: Koji Kasamatsu (The Package)
Sound Editor: Keita Konagaya (Homecoming)
Sound Effects:
Emi Takanashi (The Duel)
Hanae Takagi (The Duel)
Masahi Urhata (Homecoming)
Minoru Yamada (The Duel)
Shizuo Kurahashi (Prototype)
Yasuyuki Konno (Odd One Out)
Sound Effects Coordination: Nobue Yoshinaga (Prototype)
Sound Mixing:
Kimitaka Kawasaki (Odd One Out)
Kōhei Ōishi (Origins & The Babysitter)
Tetsuya Satake (Prototype)
Sound Production: Ton Fabrik (Homecoming)
Sound Re-Recording Mixing: Shōji Hata (The Duel)
Special Effects:
Ayumi Kamo (Homecoming)
Miyako Hoshi (Prototype)
Nobuhiro Shimokawa (Odd One Out)
Staging: Toshiyuki Kanno (The Babysitter)
Stunts: Kenji Takechi (The Package)
Eiji Hotta (Origins & The Babysitter)
Toru Kadokura (Origins & The Babysitter)
Yasutomo Yamana (Origins & The Babysitter)
System Engineer: Hideki Hatano (The Package)
Title Design: Tsuyoshi Kusano
Video Editing: Masayasu Arimatsu (Origins & The Babysitter)
Visual Effects Animation: Santa Nakahara (The Package)
Visual Effects Director:
Ayumi Kamo (Homecoming)
Kensuke Kitou (The Package)
Takao Namiki (The Package)
Visual Effects Producer:
Joji Hayashi (The Package)
Shigehito Kawada (The Package)
Takao Namiki (The Package)
Ai Maeda as Cortana (Odd One Out)
Atsuki Tani as Master Chief
Eri Sendai as POM (Odd One Out)
Hiroaki Hirata as Spartan-1337 (Odd One Out)
Hiroki Tōchi as Fal (The Duel)
Houko Kuwashima as Daisy (Homecoming)
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo as Haka (The Duel)
Tesshō Genda as Master Chief (The Package)
Tomo Shigematsu as O'Brien (The Babysitter)
Tomokazu Seki as Big Brother (Odd One Out)
Tomoko Kaneda as LAN (Odd One Out)
Yumi Touma as Cortana (Origins)

Kazuhiko Inoue as The Prophet (The Duel)
Kikuko Inoue as Han (The Duel)
Yasuyuki Kase as Ralph (Homecoming)

Akimitsu Takase as Marine (The Babysitter)
Akio Ōtsuka as ONI Commander (Prototype)
Ao Takahashi as Female Soldier (Prototype)
Atsuko Tanaka as Dr. Halsey (The Package)
Atsushi Abe as Joseph (Homecoming)
Daisuke Endō as Arthur (The Package)
Daisuke Gouri as Covenant Commander (The Package)
Hajime Iijima as Dutch (The Babysitter)
Hiromu Miyazaki as Soldiers (The Duel)
Hiroo Sasaki as
Brute (The Package)
Grunt (The Package)
Jackal (The Package)
Hiroshi Tsuchida as Fred (The Package)
Ikuya Sawaki as ONI Officer (The Babysitter)
Kazuhiko Inoue as Roh (The Duel)
Keiji Akabane as Soldiers (The Duel)
Keiji Fujiwara as Sarge (Prototype)
Keiji Hirai as Boatman (The Duel)
Kenji Akabane as Soldiers (The Duel)
Kenji Takahashi as Marine 1 (Homecoming)
Kenta Miyake as Sergeant Hauser (Homecoming)
Mamiko Noto as Spartan (The Babysitter)
Masafumi Kimura as Soldier (Prototype)
Masashi Ebara as Captain (The Package)
Mika Doi as Mama (Odd One Out)
Mitsuaki Hoshino as
Marine (The Babysitter)
Solomon (The Package)
Mitsuhiro Sakamaki as Covenant Operator (The Package)
Motoyuki Kawahara as Soldier (Prototype)
Reiko Kiuchi as SAP (Odd One Out)
Satomi Satou as Grunts (The Duel)
Shunzō Miyasaka as Soldier (The Duel)
Susumu Chiba as Cortez (The Babysitter)
Takahiko Sakaguma as Soldier (Prototype)
Takako Honda as
Dr. Halsey (Homecoming)
Kelly (The Package)
Takashi Oohara as Marine 2 (Homecoming)
Takaya Kuroda as Covenant Major (The Package)
Taketoshi Kawano as Soldier (Prototype)
Yasunori Matsumoto as Captain (Odd One Out)
Yui Shoji as Suit Composire Tone (Prototype)
Yukana as Big Sister (Odd One Out)
Japanese companies
Animation Production:
Bee Train (Homecoming)
BONES (Prototype)
Casio Entertainment (The Package)
Production I.G (The Duel)
Studio 4°C (Origins & The Babysitter)
Toei Animation (Odd One Out)
Background Art:
Baku Production (Origins II)
Bihou, Inc. (The Duel)
Green (Prototype)
Ogura Atelier (Origins II)
Pine Forest Animation (Prototype; uncredited)
Production ai
Studio Easter (Origins II)
Studio Jack (Origins II)
Totonyan (Origins I)
CG Production:
Digital Media Lab (The Duel)
Japan Action Enterprise
Khara (Odd One Out)
Digital Compositing:
Bahan Entertainment (Odd One Out)
D-Station (Homecoming)
Digital Paint:
Kagura (Odd One Out)
M.S.J Musashino Production (Homecoming)
Studio Road (Homecoming)
Toei Animation Philippines (Odd One Out)
Wish (Prototype)
Editing Studio:
D-Station (Homecoming)
Jay Film
Q-Tec (Origins I & II; The Babysitter)
Sony PCL (The Duel)
Toei Labo Tech (Odd One Out)
In-Between Animation:
Artland (Origins II)
Asahi Production (Origins II)
asread (The Babysitter)
Buyuu (Origins I)
Daume (The Babysitter)
diomedéa (The Babysitter)
FAI International (Origins I & II; The Babysitter)
feel. (Origins I; The Babysitter)
Gingaya (Origins I; The Babysitter)
GK Entertainment (Origins II)
Kagura (Origins I; Odd One Out)
M.S.J Musashino Production (Homecoming)
Magic Bus (The Babysitter)
Märchen-Sha (Origins I)
Nakamura Production (Origins I; The Babysitter)
Nomad (Origins I)
Oh! Production (The Babysitter)
Picture Magic (Origins I; The Babysitter)
Production I.G (The Babysitter)
Sakura Create (Origins II; The Babysitter)
Studio Cockpit (Origins I & II)
Studio Comet (Origins I)
Studio DEEN (Origins II)
Studio Fantasia (Origins I)
Studio Gimlet (Origins I; The Babysitter)
Studio Line (The Babysitter)
Studio Mark (Origins I)
Studio MAT (The Babysitter)
Studio Mu (The Babysitter)
Studio Victory (The Babysitter)
SynergySP (Origins I; The Babysitter)
Tamazawa Dogasha (The Babysitter)
Tatsunoko Production (The Babysitter)
Tezuka Productions (Origins I)
Toei Animation Philippines (Odd One Out)
TYO Animations (The Babysitter)
Wish (Origins I)
Yuhodo (Origins I)
ZEXCS (The Babysitter)
Ink & Paint:
A-Line (The Babysitter)
Artemis (Origins II)
Assez Finaud Fabric. (Origins I; The Babysitter)
Brain's Base (Origins II)
CODE (Origins II; The Babysitter)
D-COLORS (The Babysitter)
DEFA (Origins I & II)
FAI International
J.C. Staff (Origins I)
office fuu (Origins II; The Babysitter)
Rising Force (Origins I)
Rocket Vision (Origins I)
Studio Elle (Origins I)
Studio Step (Origins I & II; The Babysitter)
Triple A (Origins I)
Key Animation: Anime Spot
Line Art: Inspired (Origins I)
Original Creator: Microsoft
T2 Studio (Prototype)
Special Thanks:
Production I.G (The Package)
English staff
English cast
Series Composition: Frank O'Connor
Script: Jeff Conner (Making-of)
Original creator:
Brannon Boren (uncredited)
Eric Trautmann (uncredited)
Joseph Staten
Matt Soell (uncredited)
Sound Director: Kristofor Mellroth
Director of Photography: Sean Johnston (Making-of)
ADR Mixing: Lash Bourque
Blu-Ray Producer: Nick Ekum (Shout! Factory release)
Composting: Fabian Aldama (Making-of)
Jeff Conner (Making-of)
Joey Goubeaud (Making-of)
John Gremillion (Making-of)
Global Marketing/PR:
Chad Hodge
Justin Osmer
Ryan Crosby
Graphic Design:
Chris Hawley (Making-of)
Larry Koteff (Making-of)
Legal Counsel: Griffin Vance
Line Producer: Veronica Peshterianu
Makeup Artist:
Cathi Singh (Making-of)
Melissa Street (Making-of)
Tammy Baker (Making-of)
Orchestrations: David Christiansen
Packaging Design: Andrew Robinson (Shout! Factory release)
Production Staff:
Gene Hollister (Making-of)
Holly McDonald (Making-of)
Project Consultant: Jeff Conner
Sound Mixing:
Kristofor Mellroth (Making-of)
Lash Bourque (Making-of)
Technical Support: Michael Olech (Making-of)
Technical Supporter: Michael Olesch
Voice Direction: Steven Foster
Blake Shepard as O'Brien (The Babysitter)
Carli Mosier as Daisy (Homecoming)
Christopher Patton as Big Brother (Odd One Out)
David Wald as Master Chief
Deke Anderson as 1337 (Odd One Out)
John Gremillion as Fal (The Duel)
Josh Grelle as Haka (The Duel)

David Matranga as Ralph (Homecoming) 
Leraldo Anzaldua as Ralph (Homecoming)
Melissa Davis as Han (The Duel)
T. Posthlewaite as The Prophet (The Duel)

Alison Stroll as Herself (Making-of)
Andrew Love as
Fred (The Package)
Roh (The Duel)
Andy McAvin as
Boatman (The Duel)
Captain (The Package)
Bonnie Ross as Herself (Making-of)
Brittney Karbowski as Big Sister (Odd One Out)
Carli Mosier as Girl (Odd One Out)
Chris Ayres as
Covenant Commander (The Package)
Operator (The Package)
Soldiers (Prototype)
Voice on the Radio 2 (Homecoming)
Chris Hutchison as ONI Commander (Prototype)
Christopher Patton as Dispatcher (Homecoming)
Daisuke Nishio as Himself (Making-of)
Dan Sarkar as Himself (Making-of)
David Matranga as
Joseph (Homecoming)
Sarge (Prototype)
Eiko Tanaka as Herself (Making-of)
Emily Neves as Spartan (The Babysitter)
Eric Nylund as Himself (Making-of)
Evan Miller as Himself (Making-of)
Frank O'Connor as Himself (Making-of)
Gabriel Garza as Himself (Making-of)
George Manley as Berger (The Babysitter)
Greg Ayres as Kid A (Odd One Out)
Greg Bear as Himself (Making-of)
Hideki Futamura as Himself (Making-of)
Hilary Goldstein as Himself (Making-of)
Hiroshi Yamazaki as Himself (Making-of)
James Faulkner as ONI Officer (The Babysitter)
Jason Caroll as Covenant Major (The Package)
Joanne Bonasso as Mama (Odd One Out)
John Gremillion as
Arthur (The Package)
Voice on the Radio 1 (Homecoming)
John Swasey as Captain (Odd One Out)
Joseph Chou as Himself (Making-of)
Josh Bolden as Kid B (Odd One Out)
Josh Holmes as Himself (Making-of)
Jovan Jackson as Solomon (The Package)
Justin Doran as Soldiers (Prototype)
Kalob Martinez as Cortez (Prototype)
Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru as Himself (Making-of)
Kevin Grace as Himself (Making-of)
Kōji Sawai as Himself (Making-of)
Leraldo Anzaldua as Soldiers (Prototype)
Luci Christian as
Female Soldier (Prototype)
Kelly (The Package)
Mamoru Oshii as Himself (Making-of)
Mark Adley as Checkman (The Babysitter)
Mark X Laskowski as
Marine (The Babysitter)
Teenage Boy (Homecoming)
Marty Fleck as Narrator (Homecoming)
Masahiko Minami as Himself (Making-of)
Mitsuhisa Ishikawa as Himself (Making-of)
Rob Mungle as
Dutch (The Babysitter)
Soldiers (Prototype)
Ryan Payton as Himself (Making-of)
Shelley Calene-Black as Dr. Halsey
Shinji Aramaki as Himself (Making-Of)
Tomoki Kyoda as Himself (Making-of)
Toshiyuki Kanno as Himself (Making-of)
Yasushi Muraki as Himself (Making-of)
Yoshi Ikezawa as Himself (Making-of)
English companies
Broadcaster: XBox Live
Shout! Factory (2017)
Warner Bros.
Internet Streaming:
Netflix (North America)
Tubi TV
Recording Studio: Seraphim Digital
Spanish staff
Spanish companies
Distributor: Argentina Video Home
Dubbing Studio: Etcetera Group (Venezuelan dub)
Licensed by: Warner Bros.
Spanish cast
German staff
German companies
Distributor: Warner Bros. (Germany)
Internet Streaming: Netflix (Germany)
German cast
Portuguese cast
Portuguese staff
ADR Director: Aline Ghezzi
Cristiane Louise as Cortana
Eduardo Borgerth as Spartan-1337 (Odd One Out)  (Odd One Out)
Isaac Schneider as Ghost (Prototype)
Jorge Vasconcellos as Harka (The Duel)
Mariana Torres as Daisy (Homecomming)
Peterson Adriano as Ralph (Homecomming)
Ronaldo Júlio as Fal' Chavamee (The Duel)
Ronalth Abreu as Big Brother (Odd One Out)
Sérgio Fortuna as Master Chief
Wirley Contaifer as O'Brien (The Babysitter)

Adriana Torres as Dra. Catherine Halsey
Alfredo Martins as The Prophet
Ana Lúcia Menezes as Big Sister (Odd One Out)
Bia Menezes as Loo (Odd One Out)
Carlos Seidl as Thel' Lodamee (The Package)
Hélio Ribeiro as Lucius R. Jiron (The Package)
Isaac Schneider as Sgt. Hauser (Homecomming)
Jorge Vasconcellos as
Arthur (The Package)
Dutch (The Babysitter)
Leonardo Rabelo as Cortez (The Babysitter)
Luiz Carlos Persy as Luro' Taralumee (The Package)
Marcia Coutinho as Kelly (The Package)
Marco Moreira as Fred (The Package)
Miriam Fischer as
Mama (Odd One Out)
Spartan-141 (The Babysitter)
Ronaldo Júlio as Solomon (The Package)
Sérgio Stern as Sangheili officer (The Package)
Yago Machado as Pom (Odd One Out)
Yan Gesteira as Sap (Odd One Out)

Carlos Seidl as Roh (The Duel)
Felipe Drummond as
Joseph (Homecomming)
Soldier #4 (Prototype)
Flávio Back as
Soldier (Homecomming)
Soldiers (The Duel)
Francisco Junior as Pluton (Odd One Out)
Hélio Ribeiro as
Charlie-1 (Homecomming)
Jacob Keyes (Odd One Out)
Mac (Homecomming)
Jorge Vasconcellos as
Boatman (The Duel)
Grunts (The Duel)
Leonardo Rabelo as Soldier #1 (Prototype)
Marcelo Sandryni as Soldiers (The Duel)
Marco Moreira as
Berger (The Babysitter)
Grunts (The Duel)
Miriam Fischer as Launching voice (The Package)
Priscila Amorim as
Female Soldier (Prototype)
Han (The Duel)
Raul Labancca as Soldier #3 (Prototype)
Ricardo Vooght as
Officer (The Babysitter)
ONI Commander (Prototype)
Voice on the radio (Odd One Out; Prototype)
Rodrigo Oliveira as Checkman (The Babysitter)
Ronalth Abreu as Soldier #2 (Prototype)
Sérgio Stern as Voice on the radio 1 (Homecomming)
Portuguese companies
Distributor: Warner Bros. (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio: Cinevídeo
Internet Streaming: Netflix

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