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Also known as:
Kay Bertrand
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Staff in:
(English version)
009-1 (TV) : Translation Proofer
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 2-24)
Aijin Incubus ver.PINK (manga) : Translation
Air Gear (TV) : Translation
Anne Freaks (manga) : Translation (Vols. 2-4)
Appleseed: Ex Machina (movie) : Translation
Area 88 (movie) : Translation Proofer
Area 88 (OAV) : Translation Proofer (ADV Films)
Best Student Council (TV) : Translation
Blade of the Phantom Master (movie) : Translation Proofer
Casshan (TV) : Additional Translation
(Le) Chevalier D'Eon (TV) : Translation Proofer
Children Who Chase Lost Voices (movie) : Extras Translation
Coicent (OAV) : Additional Translation
Comic Party: Revolution (TV) : Translation Proofer
Dead Girls (OAV) : Translation
Demon King Daimao (TV) : Project Translator, ADR Script
Diamond Daydreams (TV) : Translation
DRAMAtical Murder (TV) : Additional Translation
Dream Eater Merry (TV) : Translation
Eyeshield 21 (TV) : Additional Translation (Sentai Filmworks; eps 27-35)
Five Numbers! (OAV) : Additional Translation
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (OAV) : Translation Proofer
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid (TV) : Translation Proofer
Gantz (TV) : Project Translator
Ghost Sweeper Mikami (TV) : Translation (Sentai release)
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (TV) : Translation, Translation Proofer
Halo Legends (OAV) : Translation
Heroic Age (TV) : Translation
High School of the Dead (TV) : Translation, ADR Script
Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead (OAV) : Script, Translation
Infinite Stratos (TV) : Translation
Infinite Stratos 2 (TV) : Translation
Infinite Stratos 2: Long Vacation Edition (OAV) : Translation
Infinite Stratos Encore: Sextet of Burning Love (OAV) : Translation
Intrigue in the Bakumatsu - Irohanihoheto (TV) : Translation
Jinki:Extend (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 1-13)
Kaze no Stigma (TV) : Translation
KenIchi the Mightiest Disciple (TV) : Translation (Season 1)
Kurau: Phantom Memory (TV) : Translation Proofer
Line (manga) : Translation
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (manga) : Translation
Love, Election and Chocolate (TV) : Translation
Madlax (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 22-26)
Magikano (TV) : Translation
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression (movie) : Additional Translation
Maria Holic (TV) : Translation
Maria Holic Alive (TV) : Translation
Misaki Chronicles (TV) : Proofing
Mister Mistress (manga) : Translation
MM! (TV) : Translation
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (TV) : Translation Proofer
Nanaka 6/17 (TV) : Translation
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days (manga) : Translation
Nerima Daikon Brothers (TV) : AD Vid-Note Research, Translation Proofer
Pani Poni Dash! (TV) : Translation, ADR Script (eps 6-22), AD Vid-Note Research
Papuwa (TV) : Translation
Prefectural Earth Defense Force (OAV) : Translation Proofer
Princess Tutu (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 19-26)
Ray (TV) : Translation
Red Garden (TV) : Translation (eps 13-22), ADR Script (eps 13-20), Translation Proofer (eps 1-12)
Samurai Bride (TV) : Translation
Samurai Girls (TV) : Translation, ADR Script
Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (TV) : Translation
Student Council's Discretion Lv. 2 (OAV) : Additional Translation
Student Council's Discretion Lv. 2 (TV) : Additional Translation
This Boy Can Fight Aliens! (OAV) : Translation
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World (TV) : Translation Proofer
Time Bokan: Royal Revival (OAV) : Additional Translation (Sentai release)
Tokyo Majin (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 10-14)
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou 2nd Act (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 1-4)
Towanoquon (movie series) : Translation, ADR Script
UFO Princess Valkyrie: SPECIAL (OAV) : Translation Proofer
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 2: December Nocturne (TV) : Translation
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 3: Bride of Celestial Souls' Day (OAV) : Translation (ep 1)
UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 4: Banquet of Time, Dreams, and Galaxies (OAV) : Translation
Venus Versus Virus (TV) : Translation Proofer
(The) Wallflower (TV) : Translation
Welcome to the NHK (TV) : Translation (eps 1-8), Translation Proofer (eps 9-24)
(The) World God Only Knows (TV) : Additional Translation
(The) World God Only Knows Season Two (TV) : Additional Translation
(The) World Is Still Beautiful (TV) : Additional Translation
xxxHOLiC (TV) : Translation (eps 16-24)

Staff in:
(English version)
(under the name of Kay Bertrand)
Anne Freaks (manga) : Translation (Vol. 1)
Aria (manga) : Translation
Azumanga Daioh (manga) : Translation
Chrono Crusade (manga) : Translation Staff
Desert Coral (manga) : Translation Staff
Figure 17 (manga) : Translation (Vol. 1)
(The) First King Adventure (manga) : Translation
Full Metal Panic! (manga) : Translation
Full Metal Panic: Overload! (manga) : Translation Staff
Ghost Stories (TV) : Additional Assistance (Ghost Profiles)
Godannar (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 10-26)
Gunparade March (manga) : Translation (Staff)
Gunslinger Girl (manga) : Translation Staff
Happy Lesson (manga) : Translation
Jinki: Extend (manga) : Translation
Moeyo Ken (TV) : Translation Proofer (eps 1-5)
More Starlight to Your Heart (manga) : Translation
Mystical Prince Yoshida-kun! (manga) : Translation
Najica Blitz Tactics (manga) : Translation (vol. 1), Translation Staff (vols. 2-3)
Orphen (manga, Hajime Sawada) : Translation Staff
Prétear (manga) : ADV Manga Translation Staff
Princess Tutu (manga) : Translation (vol. 1)
Rahxephon BIBLE 【Analysis Phase】 (resource book) : Translation
Ray (manga) : Translation
Shadow Skill (TV) : Translation
Starship Troopers: Invasion (movie) : Translation
Steel Angel Kurumi (manga) : Translation
Tengai Retrogical (manga) : Translation
To Heart (manga) : Translation
Yotsuba&! (manga) : Translation Staff
Your & My Secret (manga) : Translation

Cast in:
(English version)
Chihayafuru (TV) as Kyoko Yamashiro (eps 22-25)
Chihayafuru 2 (TV) as Reader (eps 15-20)
Michel (Korean TV)

Cast in:
(English version)
(under the name of Kay Bertrand)
Chihayafuru 3 (TV) as Kyoko Yamashiro (singing)
E's Otherwise (TV)
Sakura Diaries (OAV) (2005 dub)
Shadow Skill (TV)
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