Children Who Chase Lost Voices (movie)

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Alternative title:
Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below
Hoshi o Ou Kodomo (Japanese)
I bambini che inseguono le stelle (Italian)
Journey to Agartha
Los niños que buscan voces perdidas (Spanish)
Los niños que persiguen las estrellas (Spanish)
Viagem para Agartha (Portuguese)
Viaggio verso Agartha (Italian)
Viaje a Agartha (Spanish)
Voyage vers Agartha (French)
Ловцы забытых голосов (Russian)
星を追う子ども (Japanese)
追逐繁星的孩子 (Chinese (Taiwan))
별을 쫓는 아이:아가르타의 전설 (Korean)
Themes: belonging, journey
Objectionable content: Significant
Plot Summary: The story centers on Asuna, a girl who spends her solitary days listening to the mysterious music emanating from the crystal radio she received from her father as a memento. However, she embarks on a journey of adventure to meet a boy again, and thus comes to know the cruelty and beauty of the world, as well as loss.
User Ratings: 857 ratings have been given [details]
 Masterpiece: 130 votes (sub:99, dub:26, others:5
4 Spanish subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
 Excellent: 215 votes (sub:165, dub:41, ?:1, others:8
3 Spanish subtitled
1 French dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 Russian dubbed
1 Lithuanian subtitled
 Very good: 248 votes (sub:189, dub:45, ?:1, raw:1, others:12
7 Spanish subtitled
1 Italian dubbed
1 Russian subtitled
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 German subtitled
1 German dubbed
 Good: 138 votes (sub:108, dub:25, others:5
2 Italian subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Arabic subtitled
1 Spanish subtitled
 Decent: 65 votes (sub:48, dub:11, raw:1, ?:1, others:4
1 Russian dubbed
1 Spanish subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
1 Italian subtitled
 So-so: 32 votes (sub:22, dub:4, ?:1, raw:1, others:4
1 French subtitled
1 Russian edited dub
1 Portuguese subtitled
1 Russian subtitled
 Not really good: 12 votes (sub:9, dub:3)
 Weak: 8 votes (sub:8)
 Bad: 4 votes (sub:4)
 Awful: 3 votes (sub:2, dub:1)
 Worst ever: 2 votes (sub:2)
Seen in part or in whole by 1199 users, rank: #980 (of 8028)
Median rating: Very good
Arithmetic mean: 7.956 (Very good), std. dev.: 1.6132, rank: #657 (of 8103)
Weighted mean: 7.900 (Very good), rank: #662 (of 8103) (seen all: 7.91 / seen some: 6.23 / won't finish: 3.00)
Bayesian estimate: 7.894 (Very good), rank: #463 (of 6148)
Running time: 116 minutes
2014-10-11 (HBO Latin America)
2018-04-06 (Señal Colombia - Colombia)
Premiere date:
2011-05-07 (Japan)
2011-12-17 (Malaysia, Comic Fiesta 2011)
2012-03-28 (Italy, Future Film Festival)
2012-09-13 (Australia, Reel Anime)
2016-12-01 (AniFest Argentina)
2016-12-01 (AniFest Paraguay)
2018-04-06 (Señal Colombia - Colombia)
Release dates: We have 2
Ending Theme:
"Hello Goodbye & Hello" by Anri Kumaki
News: Show:
Opening Ceremonies (Jul 29, 2011)
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Blu-Ray (Region A)
    Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Blu-Ray) 2012-11-13 (from $31.98)
Blu-Ray + DVD combo
    Children Who Chase Lost Voices - [Sentai Selects] (BD+DVD) 2016-07-19
DVD (Region 1)
    Children Who Chase Lost Voices (DVD) 2012-11-13

Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Screenplay: Makoto Shinkai
Storyboard: Makoto Shinkai
Unit Director: Makoto Shinkai
Music: Tenmon
Original creator: Makoto Shinkai
Character Design: Takayo Nishimura
Art Director: Takumi Tanji
Director of Photography: Makoto Shinkai
Executive Producer:
Hiroaki Kitano (Yahoo JAPAN)
Katsuharu Nagata (Media Factory)
Masaki Yasuda (MOVIC)
Naohiro Futono (Marine Entertainment)
Noritaka Kawaguchi (CoMix Wave Films)
3DCG Chief: Yoshitaka Takeuchi
Assistant Art Director:
Akiko Majima
Akira Hirosawa
Assistant Unit Director: Rei Matsumura (The Answer Studio)
Color design: Makoto Shinkai
Color Design Assistant:
Koichi Furukawa
Yōko Miki
Color setting: Yuka Nomoto
Digital Optical Recording: Noboru Nishio
Hiroshi Matsumoto (Media Factory)
Kazuki Sunami (Comix Wave Films)
Kyoko Yamane (Media Factory)
Shinya Tsuruoka (Media Factory)
Tomohiro Ogawa (Comix Wave Films)
Dolby Film Consultant:
Mikio Mori
Tsutomu Kawahigashi
Film Recording, Timing:
Kumiko Kōno
Yoshihiro Ueno
HD Real-time Recording: Masahiro Honma
Instrumental Music Recording: Toshiyuki Yoshida
Lab Coordinator: Yuriko Sato
Lab Manager: Kazunori Nagasawa
Music Arrangement: Akifumi Tada (partial score)
Online Editor: Hirokazu Takahashi
Orchestra Conductor: Akifumi Tada
Paint Check: Yuka Nomoto
Photography Chief: Jumi Lee
Post-Production Director: Yuji Mitsuya
Post-Production Recording: Yō Yamada
Post-Production Recording Assistant: Daiki Hachimaki
Production Advancement:
Kanoko Takahashi (Comix Wave Films)
Kōhei Kenmochi (The Answer Studio)
Tsubasa Kameyama (Comix Wave Films)
Production Assistant:
Hiromichi Nakajima (Comix Wave Films)
Yuuichi Sakai (Comix Wave Films)
Production Committee:
Mariko Takeda (CoMix Wave Films)
Nobuhiro Kamata (Yahoo JAPAN!)
Shin Fujimaki (Marine Entertainment)
Shintaro Inoue (CoMix Wave Films)
Tatsuhiro Nitta (Media Factory)
Tsutomu Yanagimura (Yahoo JAPAN!)
Yoshinori Hasegawa (MOVIC)
Yumi Wakabayashi (Yahoo JAPAN!)
Production producer:
Kōsuke Samejima (The Answer Studio)
Kouichirou Itou (Comix Wave Films)
Yukari Kiso (The Answer Studio)
Project Manager: Noritaka Kawaguchi
Hiroshi Matsumoto (Media Factory)
Kazuki Sunami (Comix Wave Films)
Kyoko Yamane (Media Factory)
Shinya Tsuruoka (Media Factory)
Tomohiro Ogawa (Comix Wave Films)
Promotion Design:
Chiharu Ochiai
Norihiko Nezu
Recording Adjustment: Makoto Sumiya
Recording Adjustment Assistant: Shuji Suzuki
Screenplay Assistant: Saya Matsuda
Sound Effects: Toru Noguchi
Sound Effects Assistant: Tsutomu Sukigara
Sound Producer: Tomohiro Ogawa
Storyboard Assistant:
Takayo Nishimura
Takumi Tanji
Theme Song Arrangement: Toshiya Shimizu (ED)
Theme Song Composition:
Anri Kumaki (ED)
Theme Song Lyrics:
Anri Kumaki (ED)
Theme Song Performance: Anri Kumaki (ED)
Voice Direction: Yuji Mitsuya
Hisako Kanemoto as Asuna Watase
Kazuhiko Inoue as Ryūji Morisaki
Miyu Irino as

Fumiko Orikasa as Asuna's Mother
Junko Takeuchi as Mimi
Rina Hidaka as Mana
Sumi Shimamoto as Risa
Tamio Ohki as Old Man (from Amaurot)

Ai Horanai as Student
Aki Kanada as Student
Hiroko Midorikawa as Villager
Hiroshi Shimozaki as Villager
Kanae Itō as Seri
Kazuhiro Fujiwara as Villager
Keiko Katsukura as Elder
Kenji Hamada as Commander of Arned Priest
Mao Kobayashi as Student
Mariko Nagahama as Villager
Mayumi Tsuchiya as Student
Mika Ishibashi as Villager
Naomi Matamura as Villager
Risa Mizuno as Ms. Ikeda
Saya Horigome as Student
Shigeki Ōyabu as Villager
Takashi Hondō as Villager
Takeshi Maeda as Asuna's Father
Tomomi Saito as Student
Toshiki Masuda as Villager
Yuka Terasaki as Miki
Yūtarō Honjō as Villager
Yuuna Inamura as Yuu Yazaki

Japanese companies
Animation Production: CoMix Wave Films
Animation Production Assistance: The Answer Studio Co., Ltd.
Digital Lab: Imagica
Distributor: Media Factory
Dolby Film Assistance: Continental Far East Inc.
Film Lab: Imagica
Official Site Production: Frontier Works
Publicity: Synergy Relations
Recording Studio: Tokyo TV Center
English staff
English cast
ADR Director: Steven Foster
Audio Engineer: Cesar Iserny
BD Authoring: David Williams
Commentary Translation: Jackie McClure
DVD Authoring: Neal Barnes
Media Coordinator: Janice Williams
Packaging Design: Larry Koteff
Sound Design: Christopher Bourque
Subtitle Script: Dwayne Jones
Subtitle Timing: Dwayne Jones
Technical Assistant: Michael Olesch
Corey Hartzog as Shun
David Matranga as Ryuji Morisaki
Hilary Haag as Asuna Watase

Andrew Love as
Arned Priest Soldier 2 (uncredited)
Asuna's Father (uncredited)
Emily Neves as Mana
George Manley as
Arch Angels' Soldier (uncredited)
Commander of Arned Priest
Marcy Bannor as Old Lady in Village (uncredited)
Rob Mungle as
Arned Priest Soldier 1 (uncredited)
Old man walking from village (uncredited)
train conductor (uncredited)
Samuel Roman as Old Man of Amaurot
Shannon Emerick as Lisa Morisaki
Shelley Calene-Black as Asuna's Mother
Susan Koozin as Elder

English companies
Adult Swim (Toonami)
MHTV (Marshall Islands)
Sony Movie Channel (UK)
GKids (USA)
Madman Entertainment (Australia & New Zealand.)
Manga Entertainment (UK and Ireland)
New Video Group (USA)
Section23 Films (North America)
Viz Media Europe (EUROPE)
Internet Streaming:
AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand)
HIDIVE (Subtitled & Dubbed)
The Anime Network
Licensed by:
Anime Limited (United Kingdom and Ireland; 2020)
Kaze (UK and Ireland)
Sentai Filmworks (Expired)
French cast
French staff
ADR Director: Benoit Du Pac
Lucille Boudonnat as Asuna Watase
Nicolas Djermag as Ryûji Morisaki

Jean-Claude Sachot as Vieux Sage
Luc Boulad as Capitaine de la Garde

French companies
Broadcaster: J-One (from 29 March 2015)
Distributor: Kaze
Dubbing: Anaphi Studio
Spanish staff
Spanish cast
ADR Director: Carlos Nogueras (Spain dub)
Executive producer: Jorge Gabarró Frau (Selecta Visión)

Screen Inserts: Camilo Rodriguez (Colombian dub)
Theme Song Performance: Fàtima Ayats (Spain dub)
Angel de Gracia as Ryuji Morisaki (Spain dub)
Bernardo Mayorga as
Shin Canaan Preases (Colombian Dub)
Shun Canaan Preases (Colombian Dub)
Camilo Rodriguez as Ryuji Morisaki (Colombian Dub)
David Jenner as
Shin (Spain dub)
Shun (Spain dub)
Violeta Bibiloni as Asuna Watase (Spain dub)

Alfonso Vallés as Old Man of Amaurot (Spain dub)
Carmen Ambrós as Mana (Spain dub)
Carmen Calvell as Asuna's Mother (Spain dub)
Graciela Molina as Lisa Morisaki (Spain dub)
Klaudia Kotte as Lisa (Colombian Dub)

Ariadna Jiménez as Seri (Spain dub)
Assumpta Massutí as Yu Yazaki (Spain dub)
Daniel Albiac as Commander of Arned Priest (Spain dub)
Jordi Nogueras as Asuna's Father (Spain dub)
Maria Rosa Guillén as Elder (Spain dub)
Marta Barbará as Professor Ikeda (Spain dub)
Omar Barrera as Comandante de los Sacerdotes (Colombian Dub)

Ana Valeiras (Spain dub)
Ariadna Jiménez (Spain dub)
Carmen Ambrós (Spain dub)
Cesc Martínez (Spain dub)
J. Ignacio Latorre (Spain dub)
Javier Roldán (Spain dub)
Jordi Nogueras (Spain dub)
Maria Rosa Guillén (Spain dub)
Santi Lorenz (Spain dub)
Spanish companies
Canal CinemaPlus (Latin America)
Canal+ Xtra (Spain)
Cinema + (Colombia)
HBO (Latin America)
HBO Latin America
Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Teleantioquia (Colombia)
Madness Entertainment (AniFest Argentina 2016; AniFest Paraguay 2016)
Dubbing Studio:
Centauro Comunicaciones, Colombia
Takemaker (Spain dub)
Takesound Studios (Spain dub)
Internet Streaming:
Filmin (Spain)
Señal Colombia (Colombia)
Licensed by:
Selecta Visión (Spain)
The Japan Foundation (Latin America)
Italian staff
Italian cast
Chiara Francese as Asuna Watase (redub)
Renato Novara as
Shin (redub)
Shun (redub)
Valerio Amoruso as Ryūji Morisaki (redub)
Italian companies
Kaze (Italy)
Internet Streaming: VVVVID
German staff
German cast
Dialogue Director: Detlef Klein
Übersetzung: Simone Gisler
David Wittmann as Shin
Matthias Klie as Ryūji Morisaki
Maxi Häcke as Asuna Watase

Anja Rybiczka as Mana
Ghadah Al-Akel as Lisa Morisaki
Katrin Zimmermann as Asuna's Mother
Silvia Mißbach as Ikeda

Christoph Banken as Asuna's Father
Eva-Maria Werth as Presbyterin
Tilo Schmitz as Kommander
Uli Krohm as Ältester
German companies
Distributor: Kazé Germany
Dubbing: VSI Berlin
Internet Streaming: Anime-on-Demand
Arabic staff
Arabic companies
Broadcaster: Qatar Today TV
Arabic cast
Portuguese staff
Portuguese cast
ADR Director: Telma Lúcia

Subtitling: Bruna Leôncio
Bruno Mello as Shin
Flávia Narciso as Asuna Watase

Adrian Tatini as Shun
Diogo Marques as Shin 
Felipe Grinnan as Ryuuji Morisaki
Rita Almeida as Seri
Sicilia Vidal as Mana

Clarice Espíndola as Lisa Morisaki
Denise Reis as Mãe de Asuna (Asuna's Mother) 
Gabriela Milani as Yu Yazaki
Glauco Marques as Soldado (Soldier)
Maralise Tartarine as Anciã (Elder) 
Ramon Campos as Pai da Asuna (Asuna's father)
Raphael Ferreira as Ryuuji Morisaki (young, on flashbacks)
Renata Villaça as Mãe da Asuna (Asuna's mother)
Ricardo Teles as Soldado (Soldier)
Tatá Guarnieri as Pai de Asuna (Asuna's Father) 
Telma Lúcia as Anciã (Elder)
Wellington Lima as Ancião (Old Man)

Portuguese companies
HBO Family
TV Zimbo (Angola)
TVM (Mozambique)
Distributor: Borsalino (Brazil)
Dubbing Studio: Centauro
Internet Streaming:
Looke (subtitled)
Licensed by: The Japan Foundation
Chinese (Taiwan) staff
Chinese (Taiwan) companies
Licensed by: Mighty Media Co., Ltd.
Chinese (Taiwan) cast

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