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Frontier Works

Kanji name: フロンティアワークス
Foundation date: 2002-08
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Anime which this company has licensed:
Code:Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- (TV)

Anime with which this company was otherwise involved:
(Japanese version)
A-Rank Bōkensha no Slow Life (light novel) : Publisher

Adventurers Who Don't Believe in Humanity Will Save the World (TV) : Original Work Planning

Agū: Tensai Ningyō (TV) : Distribution Cooperation

Ai no Kotodama (live-action movie) : Production

Air (movie) : Production

Aki Sora (OAV) : Production

Amanchu! (TV) : Production

Amatsuki (TV) : Music Production

Amnesia (TV) : Production

Binbō Shimai Monogatari (TV) : Production

Bincho-tan (TV) : Music Production
, Production Collaboration
(The) Boy Can't Help It (manga) : Publisher

Brighter than the Dawning Blue (TV) : Production

Bus Gamer (TV) : Production

Can Someone Please Explain What’s Going On?! (light novel) : Publisher (ArianRose)

Children Who Chase Lost Voices (movie) : Official Site Production

Clannad (movie) : Production

Code:Realize -Guardian of Rebirth- (TV) : Planning Cooperation
, Production
(The) Comic Artist and His Assistants (TV) : Production

Contract Mistress (manga) : Publisher

Coyote (BL manga) : Publisher

Cuticle Detective Inaba (TV) : Production

Dahlia in Bloom: Crafting a Fresh Start With Magical Tools (TV) : Original Work Planning

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Demonbane (TV) : Music Production

Diabolik Lovers (TV) : Production

Eccentric Lover (manga) : Publisher

(The) Eden of Grisaia (TV) : Production

ef: a tale of melodies (TV) : Production

ef: a tale of memories (TV) : Production

Embracing Love: Cherished Spring (OAV) : Music Production

Ensemble Stars! (TV) : Music Production
, Production
(The) Extraordinary, the Ordinary, and SOAP! (light novel) : Publisher (ArianRose)

Fafner: Heaven and Earth (movie) : Production Cooperation

Fate/stay night (TV) : Production (Fate Project)

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (movie) : Production

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (TV) : Production

Freefall Romance (manga) : Publisher

(The) Fruit of Grisaia (TV) : Production

Fukushokushi Lucia wa Akiramenai: Kyō kara Hajimeru Kōfuku Keikaku (manga) : Publisher

Gakuen Heaven (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Gamers! (TV) : Production

Gangsta. (TV) : Production

Gekijō-ban Anime Nintama Rantaro Ninjutsu Gakuen Zenin Shutsudō! no Dan (movie) : Production Cooperation

Girlish Number (TV) : Production Cooperation

Goblin Slayer (TV) : Production

Goblin Slayer II (TV 2) : Production

Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown (movie) : Production

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (TV) : Production

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (TV) : Production

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East (TV 2) : Production

Hakuōki: A Memory of Snow Flowers (OAV) : Production

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (TV) : Production

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom - Dawn of the Shinsengumi (TV) : Production

Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: Wild Dance of Kyoto (movie) : Production

Hakuōki: Record of the Jade Blood (TV) : Production

Hand Shakers (TV) : Original Work
, Production
Hatenkō Yūgi (TV) : Music Production

(The ")Hentai" Prince and the Stony Cat. (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Hetalia - Axis Powers (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! (movie) : Music Production
, Original Soundtrack, Production
Hetalia The Beautiful World (TV) : Presented By

Hetalia The World Twinkle (ONA) : Presented By

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (live-action movie) : Production

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Chikai (live-action movie) : Production

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku ~Outbreak~ (OAV) : Music Production
, Production
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira (OAV) : Music Production

Higurashi no Naku Koroni Gaiden Nekogoroshi-hen (OAV) : Music Production

Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu (TV) : Production

Hyperdimension Neptunia (OAV) : Production

Hyperdimension Neptunia (TV) : Production

I Don't Want To Be the Dragon Duke's Maid! (light novel) : Publisher (Arian Rose)

THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE: Kagayaki no Mukōgawa e! : Production Cooperation

iDOLM@STER: Live For You! (OAV) : Production

Is the order a rabbit? (TV) : Production

Is the order a rabbit? BLOOM (TV) : Production

Is the order a rabbit?? (TV 2) : Production

Je t'aime, café noir (manga) : Publisher (2009)

Jewelpet Twinkle: The Rainbow of Smiles Doki Doki! (OAV) : Production

Joker Game (TV) : Production

Junjō Romantica (TV) : Production

Junjō Romantica 2 (TV) : Production

Kamen no Maid Guy (TV) : Production

Kamigami no Asobi: Ludere deorum (TV) : Production

Kande Kamarete (manga) : Publisher

Karin (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Karneval (TV) : Production

Kaze no Stigma (TV) : Music Production

Kemono Jihen (TV) : Production

A King's Lesson (manga) : Publisher

(The) Labyrinth of Grisaia (special) : Production

(The) Legend of Super Normal Pref. Chiba (TV) : Production

(The) Longest Time (manga) : Publisher

Love and Lies (TV) : Production

Love in Limbo (manga) : Publisher

Love Machine (manga) : Publisher

Love Recipe (manga) : Publisher

Love Round!! (manga) : Publisher

Love/Knot (manga by H. Ishimaru) : Publisher

Loveless (TV) : Production

Lover's Flat (manga) : Publisher (2004)

Maria Holic (TV) : Production

Mashiroiro Symphony - The color of lovers (TV) : Production

Mayoi Neko Overrun! (TV) : Production

Megazone 23 (OAV) : Distributor (Blu-ray)

Megazone 23 Part II (OAV) : Distributor (Blu-ray)

Megazone 23 Part III (OAV) : Distributor (Blu-ray)

Mitsuboshi Colors (TV) : Music Production

Moe Can Change! (OAV) : Animation Production

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (TV) : Production

Muromi-san (TV) : Production

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (TV 1) : Original Work Planning
, Production
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (TV 2) : Original Work Planning
, Production
Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II (TV 3) : Original Work Planning
, Production
My Father is a Unicorn (manga) : Publisher

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X (TV 2) : Production

Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok (TV) : Music Production

Ninja Nonsense (TV) : Production

Nintama Rantaro (TV 17) : Distributor (DVD)

Nintama Rantaro (TV 25) : Distributor (Blu-ray)

No Game, No Life Zero (movie) : Production

No-Rin (TV) : Production

Norn9 (TV) : Production

Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God (ONA) : Licensing Management

Ordinary Crush (manga) : Publisher (2004)

Otherside Picnic (TV) : Production

Otome Game Roku-shū-me, Auto Mode ga Kiremashita. (light novel) : Publisher

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder (OAV) : Music Production
, Production
Part-Time Pets (manga) : Publisher

Peacemaker (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Peacemaker Kurogane: Belief (movie) : Production

(The) Pet Girl of Sakurasou (TV) : Production

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation (TV) : Production Assistance

(The) Princess and the Pilot (movie) : Web Management

Princess Lover! (TV) : Production

Princess Princess (TV) : Music Production

PUCHIM@S (ONA) : Production

Pure Heart (manga) : Publisher

Ragnarok The Animation (TV) : Music Production

REC (TV) : Music Production
, Production Committee
Recently, my sister is unusual. (TV) : Production

(The) Reincarnated Princess Spends Another Day Skipping Story Routes (light novel) : Publisher

(The) Rising of The Shield Hero (TV) : Original Work Planning
, Production, Production Cooperation (Cross Media Office)
(The) Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 (TV) : Original Work Planning
, Production Cooperation (Cross Media Jigyo-bu)
(The) Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3 (TV) : Production Cooperation (Cross Media Affairs)

Sabikui Bisco (TV) : Promotion

Saint Beast ~Ikusen no Hiru to Yoru Hen~ (OAV) : Production

Saiyuki Gaiden (OAV) : Production

Saiyuki Reload Blast (TV) : Production

Saiyuki Reload: Burial (OAV) : Music Production

Scar on the Praeter (TV) : Music Production
, Original Creator
Sengoku Basara - Samurai Kings: The Last Party (movie) : Web Design

Servamp (TV) : Production

SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist (TV) : Production

Shiyakusho (ONA) : Production Cooperation

Shonen Onmyouji (TV) : Music Production

Shooting Starlets Musumet (TV) : Production Collaboration

(The) Sorcerer's Receptionist (light novel) : Publisher (ArianRose)

Souku no Frontier - Otoko no Kōchō! (manga) : Original Creator

Space Battleship Tiramisu (TV) : Presented By

Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei (TV 2) : Presented By

Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit (TV) : Production

Star (manga) : Publisher

Starry Sky (TV) : Production

Steins;Gate (TV) : Production

Steins;Gate: The Movie - Load Region of Déjà Vu : Production

(La) storia della Arcana Famiglia (TV) : Music Work
, Production, Sponsor
Sunflower (manga) : Publisher

Tales of Phantasia (OAV) : Production

Tales of Symphonia the Animation (OAV) : Production

Tales of Symphonia the Animation: Tethe'alla Episode (OAV) : Production

Tales of Symphonia the Animation: The United World Episode (OAV) : Production

Tanuki to Kitsune (manga) : Publisher

Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari: Girls Side Story (manga) : Publisher

Then Comes Love (manga) : Publisher

+Tic Elder Sister (ONA) : Planning Cooperation

ToHeart - Remember my memories (TV) : Music Producer
, Music Production, 製作
ToHeart2 (TV) : Music Production

ToHeart2 adplus (OAV) : Distributor
, Production
Tokyo Marble Chocolate (OAV) : Production

Tono to Issho (TV) : Music Production

Tono to Issho: Gantai no Yabō (TV) : Music Production

Umineko - When They Cry (TV) : Music Production
, Production
Utawarerumono (OAV) : Distributor
, Production
(The) Vampire Dies in No Time (TV) : Production

(The) Vampire Dies in No Time (TV 2) : Production

W'z (TV) : Original Creator
, Production
Walkure Romanze (TV) : Production

(The) Way To Heaven (manga) : Publisher

When They Cry - Higurashi (TV) : Music Production
, Production
When They Cry - Kai (TV) : Music Production
, Production
When They Cry - Rei (OAV) : Music Production
, Production
Where Has Love Gone? (manga) : Publisher

(The) White Cat's Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King's Lap (light novel) : Publisher (ArianRose)

Wind: A Breath of Heart (TV) : Production

Wolf Pack (manga) : Publisher

Words of Devotion (manga) : Publisher (2003)

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (TV) : Production

Yurikuma Arashi (TV) : Production

Yuyushiki (OAV) : Production

Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai (light novel) : Publisher

Zombie no Afureta Sekai de Ore Dake ga Osowarenai (manga) : Publisher

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