Animeleague Club London on February 6, 2010

Running in a bar between 300-400 people, ALCL is London's little anime convention. It's just £5 for all day from Midday to 11PM!

Watch Anime, Play Video Games, Show off your Artwork and chill with other artists in the Artist Alley, dress up and enter our Cosplay Events, buy Anime & Manga from our dealers room, enter events like our DDR Tournament and pub quiz, learn Japanese Culture, and party away all night!


Date: Saturday February 6th
Venue: The Slug and Lettuce, 1 America Square, London, EC3N 2LS
Tube: Five minutes from Tower Gateway & Tower Hill tube stations

It costs £5 to get in (pre-pay), and you need to be 18 years or older. Accommodation is available at just £17.50 a night!

You can read all about ALCL on it's official website at

We're accepting to all anime fans, from ALers to non-ALers, to casual fans to otaku!

Register for ALCL at
Check out the Animeleague forums at
ALCL is also on facebook at

Want us help us out? Email us on info (at


LittleKuriboh - YGO Abridged, DBZ Abridged
MasakoX - Naruto Abridged, DBZ Abridged
Akemi Solloway - Japanese Culture
DS:London - Renowned DS Gaming Group

Many more to come!


Got suggestions for activities/events? Suggest away on the ALCL forums at

Special Events - Pub Quiz, Cosplay Masquerade, DDR Tournament, Dub That Anime, Artists Showcase, AMV Showings, Cosplay Showdown, The Club London Party!

Video Gaming - We will be running tournaments throughout the day! We will also have a variety of up to date games, as well as retro-gaming! Tournaments will be announced!

Artists Alley - We will have an artists alley for artists to chill out with a drink or three. Artists will also be drawing commissions as well for you!

Cosplay Masquerade - There will be a £50 cash prize for the winner of this! A panel of judges will decide. Please note that to be eligible for the grand prize your costume must have been made by you - if you bought it then you won't be eligible for the prize (but you'll still be allowed to enter the masquerade, of course!) So, get making those costumes, cosplayers!

The Cosplay Showdown - Prepare to gather your team of cosplayers to do a series of comedy skits for everyone to watch round by round. Start getting those teams together now folks - signups will be opening very shortly! Do you have what it takes to win the ultimate cosplay showdown? The final has two teams battling each other in a Final Fantasy RP style battle! YAY!

Anime Screening - Watch anime that you may never have heard of before. A great chance to see what's up and coming and add to your watch list when you get home!

And More! Roleplaying, Card Gaming, Partying, Cosplaying, Dealers to buy your favourite merchandise, something for everyone! And that's not even counting our top-notch guests!"

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