Rinkya Says Viva La France

Tempe, AZ. And Tokyo, Japan- February 23, 2010. Rinkya, the number one Japanese Internet shopping service expands into France with full-service bidding, buying, shipping and customer service.

"Both language and customs are gigantic hurdles in International business," says Rinkya founder and CEO Heather Russell.

"While big corporations can hire whole departments to handle these problems, the average person doesn't even have the resources for solid translation, much less an understanding of business in another culture. I know, because I faced this , well, let's just say enough years ago that I don't care to mention how many. It wasn't a matter of finding the Anime cels I wanted to buy, it was a matter of communicating with the seller and following the rules in a country where I didn't know the rules.

"That was the beginning, an understanding that the average person really needed an international division, if they wanted to buy internationally. That's what Rinkya is, basically, an international division for the average person.

"We began with English. Well, it was my native language after all. But from here, in Tokyo, we also began with an understanding of what it is to do business in Japan, within the rules of Japanese business and culture. Translation is a big part of it, but really very far from the only part. Customer service is really what it's all about. And that service has to be two sided. It has to serve the American client who ordered a full run of Dragon Ball Z to be delivered to Orange, New Jersey and the Japanese seller of it in Sapporo.

"We expanded into Italy. Once again challenging not only the language barrier, but the cultural barrier as well, and we've been fairly successful. A lot of things transcend both language and culture actually, we've found that people all over the world can come together and agree on such things as art, fashion and beauty.

"So we reached the top of the ladder again, and we are keeping right on going up into the air with a new service in French. A new language, a new culture to know and to understand so that we can act as the international division for the people of France.

"I like the idea that people from all over the world can get together, do business with each other, understand each other. All people really need to do that is an international division, and that's what we are trying to be at Rinkya, the international division for the average man. English, Italian and now French. So many people and cultures, so little time."

For Further Information Visit: http://fr.rinkya.com

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